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Beauty How-To: Wear Black Lipstick

Remember when your swept on black lipstick from the costume shop that Halloween you were a witch? Well, guess what? You’re a trend setter because dark dark dark lipstick is all the rage. Now the tricky part is staying on trend without making it an homage to a goth getup.

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Makeup For Soccer Lovers

Soccer fans will know that the FIFA World Cup touches down in Africa in a mere two and a half months, bringing with it an army of hot, athletic men. And while sports and makeup don’t usually come together terribly well — we’ve all seen the girl who wears full makeup to the gym — on this glorious occasion, they do. EDUN and Sephora have teamed up to create two limited-edition makeup palettes in honor of South Africa, the tourney’s lovely host. The lighter palette seems pretty easy to work into your makeup routine, and the crazier colors can be used sparingly or, as Style.com points out, as face paint for truly hardcore soccer fans. Pop by Sephora for a piece of the glory this May. [Style.com] Keep reading »

Mood Swing Lip Gloss Changes Color When You’re Feeling Sexy

For those who wear their heart on their sleeves, they can now also wear their libido on their lips. Makeup company Too Faced has just come out with a new lip gloss called Mood Swing, which supposedly changes colors when you’re feeling all sexytime-ish. How does it work? The only details released about it is that the product is “emotionally activated,” and “reacts with a girl’s body chemistry.” How scientific! So, if Mood Swing does work, it might make faking one a bit more difficult (assuming a guy even pays attention to your lip color—yeah, right).

One more thing—why does this only work on women? (Maybe it wouldn’t change colors on men because they’re horny all the time?) [$18.50, TooFaced.com] Keep reading »

Shiseido Lets You Try On Makeup Without Lifting A Brush

Japanese makeup brand Shiseido has gone high-tech with a digital makeup mirror that allows customers to get a makeover in real time without using any actual products. Launched in a Tokyo department store, the computer program shows video feedback of your face, which you can doll up with eye shadow, lipstick, and pretty much anything else available in the Shiseido range. For the super organized shopper, the device prints out a before and after sheet with product details.

We’ve seen a bunch of virtual try-on systems lately that have allowed users to sample anything from jeans to sunglasses. If this trend continues … will anyone even go shopping at all anymore? [Springwise.com] Keep reading »

Do Little Girls Really Need To Use Makeup?

OK, for reals, what is up with people trying to make little girls older than they really are? What happened to parents who refused to let their daughters wear makeup until a certain age? Suri Cruise is trotting around in high heels and now British star Katie Price has decided that she wants to create a makeup line for little girls, inspired by her own toddler. This isn’t the first time that Katie’s made headlines regarding her daughter Princess — just a month ago, her ex was furious about a picture published online showing their daughter in heavy makeup and false lashes. Keep reading »

The 4 Makeup Brushes You Actually Need

Every time I go to Sephora to get some concealer in an attempt to cover up my under-eye zombie circles, some perky salesgirl tries to convince me that I can’t possibly apply said concealer without an army of extra brushes. Ditto on everything from blush to eyeshadow and even lip gloss. Unless you’re a hardcore beauty Nazi who insists on doing everything by the book though, it’s all kind of BS. You don’t really need different brushes for blush and powder or different layers of eye shadow; that just tends to get confusing and expensive. Find out which four brushes will get you through every makeup situation, after the jump. Keep reading »

Would You Buy Lip Gloss At Payless?

Payless Shoes Source, home to pleather heels and buy-one-get-one-free deals galore, wants to be your new makeup mecca. With that in mind, they’ll be offering makeup and bath and body products in September. With names like “Unforgettable Moments” and “Zoe & Zac,” the lines seem to promise lots of sparkle and, umm, other interesting things. Are we the only ones who are a little put off by the concept of buying blush in the same place you’d buy knockoff Birkenstocks? Would you buy makeup at Payless? [Fashionably Independent] Keep reading »

Guess How Much Cash You Spend On Makeup In A Lifetime

Sit down, hold on to your seats, and get ready for a shock. In your lifetime, you’ll spend about $13,000 dollars on makeup. Yes, you read that right. Between the lip glosses, eyeliners, and creams, your purchases will amount to thousands of dollars spent on beauty products. But when you think about it, the price totally makes sense. After all, you should be throwing out your makeup on a regular basis given its shelf life, and most women tend to buy small beauty items on impulse. What’s one more gloss that only costs $3, right? (Um…) Add that to your other random purchases, plus the routine restocking of concealer, moisturizer, and foundation, and there’s the 13 grand. Even more interesting is the statistic that women spend 20 minutes a day on their makeup, which equates to 330 days in a lifetime. At least now you know where all your hard-earned dollars and free time are going. [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

Beauty Dare: Bold Blue Eyeshadow

Lately I’ve been trying out some of the makeup that sits unused in my bathroom. When it comes to cosmetics, I’m a pretty simple girl—my main concern is covering my uneven skin tone. My last experiment was with a bright red shade of Chanel lipstick, which went shockingly well and Coco has made a few more appearances since that evening. But red lips are pretty standard, so for my next challenge I took on something a bit more bold—electric blue eyeshadow. Keep reading »

And The Prize Goes To … The Best Story About Wearing Red Lipstick

Last week, we asked you to tell us about your first time wearing red lipstick in exchange for some Jemma Kidd cosmetics from Market for Drama. And, unsurprisingly, many of you made it into an older relative’s makeup bag when you were young, and the results were hilarious, defiant, and heartwarming. But, astrolatry won for her story that brought tears to our eyes … Keep reading »

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