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Beauty IRL: Foundation’s All Right, I Guess

There’s something about foundation that has always confounded me, but I have made a vow with myself this year to figure it out. Why would you want to hide your face like that, to conceal what your skin has gone through? Scars, zits, weird splotches, that patch of freckles that you look at every month or so and wonder if you should get it checked out or not — it’s just you, pure and true. Why would you want to cover it up? Why would you want to make your face look like a weird-mannequin face, smooth, plasticky and unreal? Keep reading »

Watch Another 100 Years Of Hair & Beauty Trends!

So Many Looks To Try!

Last month, Cut Video released a timelapse film of a model showing off hair and beauty looks from the past hundred years. Now, they’ve released a sequel! Watch model Marshay take us through the decades with her gorgeous looks. Now all we need are Pinterest tutorials for all these styles so that I can inevitably screw them up. You can view both videos side-by-side here, and if you’re into this century-in-a-minute deal, take a look at this video featuring 100 years of dance and style, which is one of my favorite things on the internet ever. [Cosmopolitan]

Beauty Test Drive: Bite Luminous Creme Lipstick

Test Drive

In my ongoing mission to wear bold lipstick more regularly, I’ve been trying on whatever tubes of lipstick are put in front of me without much thought. When I swiped on Bite’s Luminous Creme lipstick, I fell in love. This stuff is the best. Keep reading »

Beauty IRL: Trust Me, You Should Wear Blush

Beauty IRL: Trust Me, You Should Wear Blush
Don’t fear the blush, even though it is intimidating and weird. It’s the a product many write off as completely unnecessary. but is actually really, really important. Think about it this way: Once you’ve done all that you need to do to your face, you’re left with a beautiful, even-toned canvas — but it’s all the same color. You need some rouge, pumpkin.

Beauty Test Drive: The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Doll

Beauty Test Drive

The Body Shop’s Lip & Cheek Doll stain has adorable packaging, but does the product on the inside match the outside? I love lip and cheek stains but I find them kind of stressful. When done right, they look fabulous, but when done wrong, they streak all over the place and can look like play makeup. Every brand of stain has its own consistency and shading to figure out, and that makes it tough to get just right on the first try.

Keep reading »

Beauty IRL: Suggested Beauty Routines For Probable New Year’s Eve Scenarios

Beauty IRL: Suggested Beauty Routines For Every New Year's Eve Scenario

You don’t have to go out on New Year’s. Everyone else is going to be stumbling around the city in sequined jumpsuits, consumed with the eternal quest for the best place to put on their 2015 glasses and grin wildly for the camera, as that big ball makes its inevitable descent in Times Square, so it doesn’t really matter if you’re asleep by 11:30. I am averse to crowds, and have a love-hate relationship with putting on fancy clothes for things that I consider to be non-events. I am a New Year’s Eve grump, through and through, though I have been convinced in the past to put on something nice and head out into the night. This year, I’m not feeling the weird pressure that I usually do to go out and spend a lot of money while wandering around from bar to bar looking for something that isn’t rib-crushingly crowded and full of douchebags. I’m content to spend the night in or to go out — wherever fate decides to take me, I’m good with it. And, I have a look ready for every option.

I am not here to tell you what to do on New Year’s Eve, but I am here to give you three potential scenarios for ushering in another rotation around the sun, and the beauty routines to go with them, if you choose to celebrate. Keep reading »

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