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Beauty Style Stealer: Nicole Richie’s Shimmery Lids

I hated โ€” hated! โ€” Nicole Richie in her "Simple Life" days. I mean, didn't you? She was bratty, annoying, and entitled with crusty hair extensions and a tiny dog, whining and generally acting despicable alongside her equally (if not more) horrible cohort, Paris Hilton. That's why I love Nicole all the more now: she…
By: Rachel Krause / April 20, 2012

Beauty Style Stealer: Mena Suvari

I assume I speak for many of us when I say that I couldn't really care less about "American Reunion," but I am very interested in Mena Suvari. She's been so awesome for so long โ€” she was subversive in Hollywood before being subversive in Hollywood was cooler than being cool in Hollywood. Does that…
By: Rachel Krause / March 21, 2012