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Feel The Pull Of Gorgeous Gemstone Magnets

Home Decor On A Budget
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This gorgeous collection of gemstones right here? They’re all magnets, which means you can bring some of nature’s colorful splendor into your home, and, specifically, stick it onto your refrigerator. That hot pink agate up at the top is just begging to display this week’s grocery list, don’t you think? [$36 for set of 8, Leif]

The Last Piece Of Jewelry You Will Ever Need

I am often annoyed that in the year 2012 we still don’t have every day access to flying cars and teleportation devices. It is moments like this, when I find a genius product that is innovative and useful, that I regain my faith in the human race. The KLIK KLIK jewelry uses magnetic pieces to allow you to sculpt your own pieces! That means a simple kit can transform into hundreds of necklaces, bracelets, and rings! If a necklace isn’t the right length, adjust it!  If you feel like being bold, do it! Not very creative? Don’t worry they have suggestions for you. [$75, KLIK KLIK]

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