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Wait, It’s Not Hump Day?

Hello. May we take a moment to objectify men? Yes, we may. These two man-beasts go by the names Duke Dlouhy and Doug Porter, if that matters to you. Here, they are wrestling and shedding most of their clothes for FHM Collections, a publication I did not know existed until now. Duke and Doug: If you’re reading this, I’d like you to come over at 8. In your underpants. More shots of these two hotties after the jump. Keep reading »

Are You A Fashion Victim?

These days, referring to someone as a “fashion victim” is no big deal, but this provocative layout takes the term to a whole new literal level. The spread begins with a “warning”: “This story contains intense fashion violence, trendy-oriented nudity, stylish abuse and some explicit makeover portrayed by a model for the information, education, entertainment and prevention of adults over the age of 18 only in the privacy of their own homes.” So, consider yourself warned. The images feature a model with Donna Karan suspenders clipped on her eyelids, being choked with a Kenzo scarf, and hanged in her La Perla bra. Is this a thought-provoking commentary on the fashion industry, or does it perpetuate “fashion victimization”? Check out more images after the jump, and tell us what you think in the comments. Keep reading »

Fashion Magazine Layout Makes You Want To Say “Ew”

Our homeslice Copyranter points us to this freaky, and we do mean freaky, layout from Brazilian fashion magazine FFW in which a Kobe Bryant stand-in and his teammates get all weird and sexual with a young lady in the locker room. Er, what is going on here? It seems this pictorial’s “story” is that of model Ana Claudia Michels getting lost in the Lakers locker room, where she stands around in her underwear while all the guys on the team, including Kobe 2.0, form a leering mob and ogle her goods. Seeing as Bryant (who wears number 24) was accused of sexual assault in 2003, and the vibe of this shoot reeks of eu de gangbang, we’re going to have to pronounce this layout gross. More after the jump. Keep reading »

Looking Like You Just Had A Lobotomy Is The New Black

Ack! When it comes to weird stuff and fashion, my tolerance is high. But this layout from Russia’s Playing Fashion magazine? Downright freaaakyyyy. The models have their heads wrapped in gauze. Um, why? Because they just gave each other at-home lobotomies? Because they were in some sort of strange accident? Because wrapping your head in gauze is the new, new thing? I do not know the answer. The whole effect — bandages coupled with super-skinny bodies and gaunt, drawn faces — is just creepy. I need a Crystal Renn chaser, please. Check out another pic from the brain injury layout after the jump. Keep reading »

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