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Porn Star Saves Dude From 20 Years In Jail

It’s another reminder to watch yourself when you are traveling abroad where you don’t know the laws. A New Yorker named Carlos Simon-Timmerman was traveling in Venezuela and bought a porno flick called “Little Lupe the Innocent; Don’t Be Fooled By Her Baby Face” starring porn star Lupe Fuentes. Fine. But when he got to customs in Puerto Rico, he was detained for transporting images of a minor. He faced a whopping 20 years in jail. After spending two months awaiting trial, Simon-Timmerman’s case finally went before a judge. A customs agent and pediatrician both testified, saying the girl was absolutely underage in the video. However, she wasn’t—she was 19 at the time the video was made. Lucky for Simon-Timmerman, Lupe Fuentes packed her bags and flew to Puerto Rico. She showed up in court with proof of her age. All charges were dismissed, and Simon-Timmerman was able to go home. “When Lupe walked into the courtroom and it was like a courtroom drama movie,” said the district attorney in the case. “Lupe is not only the world’s youngest looking porn star, but a humanitarian who cares about justice.” Give that girl some kind of UNICEF position, stat. [Radar] Keep reading »

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