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Happy Snowpocalyptic Hump Day!

You may have heard, but the Northeast is having what some are calling a “snowpocalypse” (though I prefer “Blizzardpalooza” because it sounds more positive!) — schools are closed, employers have given workers a “snow day,” and, like, people are melting down. But not my awesome dog Lucca. She loves the snow. She also loves to catch snowballs in her mouth. See?

Seriously though, if you’re living in an area that’s been hit hard by the snow, be careful and stay warm. And if you live in a warmer climate and are drinking a margarita instead of hot cocoa, screw you. Just kidding! Keep reading »

Pick Up Your Doggie’s Doo-Doo In Style

I’m sure several of the fashionable, dog-owning ladies here at the Frisky would like to look more stylish while picking up after their doggies, say, when Lucca drops her load on the sidewalks of Manhattan. It’s so unsightly! And what if a hot dude came along while you were scooping your pooch’s poopies? Now there’s Poupou Royal to the rescue. The corn fiber handles “allow for effective action and hygienic without dipping your fingers.” What that means, I am not sure. But it’s got to be better than using the plastic bag that last night’s takeout Chinese arrived in, right? [UQAM via NOTCOT] Keep reading »

Relationship Advice From Dogs

Carla Genender, the author of DogSense says you should great your significant other the way you would your dog — by acting overjoyed. “Show you’re glad to see her, even if she’s only been gone five minutes,” Carla writes in the book Dogsense, which features 99 tips on caring, affection, communication, acceptance, and appreciation that people can learn from dogs. Think “lick and/or hump people when you get excited” is one of them? [KIROTV.com] Keep reading »

Star Couplings: Pete & Ashlee Wentz Confirm The Worst Kept Secret In Hollywood

  • Pete and Ashlee Wentz (you asked for it chickie!) have confirmed that they’re expecting their first child together. They decided to wait to confirm the news until Ashlee made it through her first trimester, which means this baby (time to register for baby’s first flatiron!) should pop out around November. [FriendsOrEnemies.com]
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    National Pet Week: Make Us Want To Kidnap Your Animal Because Of Its Cuteness

    Meet Our Office Dog, Lucca from streeter seidell on Vimeo.

    It’s National Pet Week! In honor of all things cute and mushy and wrinkly and wet-nosed, we’d like you to send us pictures of your pets (email pictures to tips@thefrisky.com). At the end of the week we’ll post the ten most squeal-inducing so your friends, neighbors, and the strangers on this here interweb can “ooh” and “ahh” over your pets’ adorableness. Since it would be totally unfair for me to include my dog Lucca among the top ten, I will just post this video of her when she was a puppy to inspire you. Keep reading »

    The Daily Squeeze: Infections, Housing Shortages, and Incomes

  • It’s possible that your pet is the one giving you UTIs. A study at the University of Minnesota found that E. coli strains, including the ones that cause urinary tract infections, can easily pass between people and their pets. Now they just have to figure out whether this actually increases the risk of a UTI, so don’t start blaming your furry friend quite yet. [Reuters]
  • In a South African sex survey, men making more money were most likely to use sex toys — 51 percent used them in the highest income bracket, compared with 29 percent on average. If money doesn’t buy love, it can certainly buy some lovemaking accouterments. [The Times (S. Africa)]
  • There isn’t enough university housing for French students, so many of them continue living at home while attending school, which can make hooking up a little complicated. The French students’ union UNEF is campaigning for the government to construct more student housing with racy posters that feature a young couple getting it on in a bed with a parent sleeping on either side of them. [Spiegel]
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