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81-Year-Old Sweethearts Reunite After 62 Years

Well, my eye makeup is ruined. This is the story of Jack, an 81-year-old widowed veteran, en route to see his high school sweetheart, who he hasn’t seen in over 60 years. Recently back in touch, the two have been talking on the phone and have exchanged photos. “She hasn’t aged well,” he says, “but I don’t care.” Jack is so nervous about seeing Betty again that he took a Valium before his flight; luckily, his seat mate was there to calm him down and capture his joyful reunion on film. Maybe I’m just hormonal, but I bawled. Old people in wheelchairs, madly in love — there is hope for us all! Keep reading »

And The Prize Goes To … Our Favorite Story Of First Love

Last Friday, we asked you to share your story of first love in exchange for a copy of Us: Americans Talk About Love. Well, a ton of you sent in amazing tales of how you knew you were in love for the first time. We laughed, we cried, and then we decided reader Erin’s story was our favorite:

I was 18 years old. It was the second semester of my first year of college, and I had somehow managed to snag my high school mega-crush. I had always had a thing for him, but thought he was way too cool for me, so his interest in me had come as quite the surprise.  A few months after we started dating, we were hanging out at my parents house, petting my cat.  We ended up sprawled out across my dining room floor, talking and laughing.  I said something silly and we started laughing uncontrollably, to the point where we were both crying, and we were trying our hardest to stop but just couldn’t contain ourselves.  It was then, in the moment that we were coming down and wiping our eyes, that I realized I was in love with him.  Here was this person, so different and separate from me, who I’d always put on a pedestal and tried to be so cool around…and we were curled up under my dinner table with a cat, peeing ourselves laughing about a joke a 6-year-old could make. Somehow, he had morphed from an unattainable entity to a part of me, someone who saw and cherished my truest self.

Don’t forget to enter this week’s contest. The winner gets “Secret Diary of A Call Girl” seasons one and two on DVD and more! Keep reading »

Win This! Us: Americans Talk About Love

Love is one of those things that’s hard to describe and even harder to understand. We can’t really know what love is until we’re in it, and the love between two people is unique, so even if you’ve been in love, you’ll never understand another couple’s relationship. Us: Americans Talk About Love lets us peek into strangers’ love lives with 44 stories collected by social anthropologist John Bowe. As told by a homeless thirtysomething, a married aerobics instructor who fell for a woman, a senior who still smooches her husband on a regular basis, a brokenhearted man who has dated more than 300 women since his wife’s death, and more, these oral reports from across the United States prove that love is anything but uniform. [$10.88, Amazon.com]

WIN THIS! We’re giving away a copy of Us: Americans Talk About Love, but you have to work if you want it! Send an email to contests@thefrisky.com with the subject line “Love Book” telling us how you knew you were in love for the first time and how old you were by 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 14. We’ll pick our favorite response and announce the winner on Friday, Jan. 15. You must live in the U.S. or Canada to win. Keep reading »

6 Heartwarming Stories Of Old Love From 2009

The bad things that happen in the world tend to stick in our minds a little more than the good stuff, which is unfortunate, because a lot of wonderful things happened in 2009. Even more heartwarming than stories about young people falling in love are ones about older people who are still in love or reunited with a childhood crush. There’s something really special about seniors who feel affectionate about their partner after all those years (and those who found love later in life), so we compiled six of the best old people love stories of the past year to warm your heart. Keep reading »

Mushy Moment Of The Day: Couple Marries After Long-Lost Love Letter Was Discovered

This is one of those moments that makes me believe true love does exist. Steve Smith and Carmen Ruiz-Perez, both 42, finally walked down the aisle after 16 years of separation. The couple fell in love and became engaged when they were in their 20s, but drifted apart when Ruiz-Perez had to move back to France from England. After a few years, Smith sent her a love letter in the hopes of rekindling the romance.

Keep reading »

A Love Story Like Titanic

Love stories about old people make us happy — why do you think Titanic and The Notebook did so well? — and a story in the Guardian this week could easily become Gena Rowlands’ next movie. Almost 70 years ago, a woman and her fiancé got into a huge fight just months before their wedding date. Violet Booth was so upset that she threw her diamond ring away, but she and her fiancé, Samuel, made up almost immediately and tried desperately to find the ring, to no avail. Fast forward seven decades. Violet’s grandson, whose hobby is metal detecting, searched the area and found the ring in just two hours. “I went round to my Nan’s with some maps and she managed to pinpoint the field. Then I got permission from the landowner and headed out. It was buried three to four inches down, and it wasn’t even damaged. I just had to give it a wipe,” the grandson said. And the discovery brought Violet, who has been a widow 15 years, to tears: “I was in such a state when we couldn’t find it. Samuel didn’t tell me off — he wasn’t like that. We got a new one, but it’s not the same, is it?” [Guardian U.K.] Keep reading »

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