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Love Nest: “Decorate” Your Non-Working Fireplace!

I was checking out Ryan Korban’s new interior design website this morning—he co-owns the super chic and English-y eclectic shoe shop Edon Manor, is besties with Alexander Wang (they went to school together), and has been designing Wang’s offices, etc., since day one—and happened upon this genius idea on how to make a non-working fireplace visually interesting: Stack it with books! Turn the books around so the spine sides are facing into the fireplace and stack them in all sorts of directions. (Don’t worry about it coming off as just a messy dumping ground; the uniformly colored pages create a cohesive look.) Plus, it’s not like you have to go out and buy anything for this designer trick—most of us already have books ready, willing and able. Now I’m dying for a non-working fireplace. [Ryan Korban] Keep reading »

Love Nest: Get A Look Inside Casa Zoe

Oh, pul-ese, don’t even pretend to play like you don’t care to see inside Rachel Zoe‘s home. The woman can style the hell out of an Oscar look, so you have to assume she’s got a pretty chic house, too. Well, you’d be correct. There’s lots and lots of white, broken up with hits of color courtesy of accessories and racks of clothing. Oh, and loads of Missoni textiles used in pillows and throws. (Insert “I die” here.) Somehow I randomly came across this Welcome Home tour and I could not stop gawking at the interior. Get a closer look after the jump! Keep reading »

Love Nest: The Coolest Wallpaper We’ve Ever Seen

Attention decorating aficionados! If you’ve never used some really cool-looking wallpaper to add some life to any and all rooms in your house, you have to get with the program. (Never will I forget the pink and green peacock-printed dining room I once had, or the trees-in-a-forest walled living room that made everything seem so cozy.) I just had the privilege of meeting super-cool artist Este Lewis who has taken the concept of kitsch wall accents to the next level by capturing everyday objects, like Saltines, candy dots, pencils, colorful fuses and so much more, on digitally printed wallpaper that’s made for you and your guests to drool over. An entire room might be a bit much, but to make a kitchen panel pop or for slapping your favorite objects on a bedroom wall, the look is divine. Plus, all of her creations are made to order. Check her website for details. [Soy Este] Keep reading »

Love Nest: Put Your Clothes To Work—Decorating Your Home!

Yesterday, Apartment Therapy ran a bunch of genius (and, at times, ridiculous) photos of women’s clothing used as decor—and coming from a clothes horse like I sometimes am, it makes total sense to decorate with your clothes. Hey, some of my most beautiful pieces of “art” are hanging in my closet! It reminded me of the now shuttered Shabby Chic store in NYC—they used to hang a row of various colored tutus from a rod attached high on the wall, up near the ceiling. The effect was frothy and enchanting—and it could be an adorable thing to do in a little girls room. Another clothes as decor follower? Jane Aldridge, the Sea of Shoes blogger. She’s all about displaying outfits as room art—her mannequin is regularly done up with some couture/vintage concoction and her wall of shoes is visually gorgeous! Check out the Apartment Therapy photos, and get inspired, after the jump. Keep reading »

Love Nest: Creative Side Table You May Already Own

This weekend, I spent an embarrassing amount of time online trolling through photos of other people’s homes looking for inspiration—and another excuse to repaint or reupholster or re-anything my own apartment—and I happened upon this photo. I immediately zeroed in on their side tables and realized that they’re actually file folder cabinets! They’re the perfect storage solution (to go all “Container Store” lingo on you) for a tight living room—all you need is a little DIY love to make them work. Pick up a can of spray paint (I’m always a fan of color, bypass the blah whites and beige paints), and spray over the usually grim-looking, office-y finish. Throw a lamp on top and—voila!—you’ve got yourself tables with loads space to hide, well, whatever it is you don’t want people seeing. [Apartment Therapy] Keep reading »

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