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Dating Don’ts: 13 Signs That He’ll Be A Bad Partner

Reasons To Watch
Five reasons we're excited about Season 2 of "Love In The Wild." Read More »
Dating Don'ts: Negging
Just say no to negging! Read More »
Dating Don'ts: Criticism
It's time to put a moratorium on beating yourself up. Read More »

If there’s any deeper message to be extracted from “Love In The Wild,” which premieres tonight 9/8c on NBC, it’s that you don’t want to get stuck in a snake pit with a crap ass partner. Teamwork is key on the dating competition show, in which single men and women pair off into couples and compete for a trip around the world – finding a partner that can be trusted to be loyal is the best chance they have to at achieving victory in the end (and finding love to boot). The same can be said of long-term relationships in the real world. The nice thing about competing in life-threatening challenges is that a person reveals their true colors right away. These things are not quite as easy to discern at a wine bar as they are when bungee jumping off a mountain. But there are clues that you can pay attention to that will let you know if he’s the kind of guy you’d want to go kayaking through the rain forest with … or endure a weekend at his parents’ together. Equally as dangerous! After the jump, some signs that he won’t be a great partner — “Love in the Wild” contestants, take notes! Keep reading »

5 Reasons To Watch “Love In The Wild”

Reality TV Meltdowns
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A few weeks ago, we reminisced about the reality TV shows we miss, but my yearning for “Temptation Island” to be brought back from the dead has been eased by the knowledge that season two of “Love in the Wild” debuts tonight! The first season had everything I love in a dating competition show, so I’m psyched that it’s back for another round. Here are five reasons you should watch too… Keep reading »

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