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8 Things I Will Not Miss About “Lost”

After six seasons and hundreds of instances of Hurley saying “dude,” “Lost” finally comes to an end this Sunday night in a two-and-a-half hour series finale episode. Tonight is the last hour-long episode — titled “What They Died For” — before that finale (“The End”), and it’s got me thinking about all the things I’ll miss when the show goes off the air … Sawyer’s nicknames and the books he inspired me to add to my reading list; the love stories of Desmond and Penny, Nadia and Sayid, and Jin and Sun; Ben’s diabolical delivery and wit; and most of all, I’ll miss the mystery. But you know what? There are some things that I will not miss about “Lost,” things that I will be happy to see vacate my life when the show is over. Here are eight things I’ll be happy to wave goodbye to when “Lost” is over. Keep reading »

Remote Control: What You’ll Want To Watch The Week of May 17th 2010

The television giveth and it taketh away. While it’s upfronts week and we’re getting to hear about all the awesome new shows that will be starting in the fall, this week also wraps up the season for many of the shows we already love. This week alone brings the season finale of “House” (will Hugh Laurie stop being a meanie?), “90210″ (who will Liam ask on his boat—Naomi or Annie?), “V” (what will Erica do with her invite to the mothership?), “Grey’s Anatomy” (what ailment will guest star Mandy Moore have?), “Bones” (can we even watch this show knowing that David Boreanaz is a sleaze?), and “30 Rock” (is Matt Damon really the man of Liz Lemon’s dreams?). And, of course, “Lost.” If the trailer for Sunday night’s two-and-a-half-hour season finale (starting at 9 p.m. on ABC) doesn’t give you chills, well, you’re probably not human. After the jump, previews for other shows you will not want to miss this week. Keep reading »

The “Lost” Finale Gets Super-Sized

Last night, while DVRing Tuesday night’s episode of “Lost,” I had a terrifying realization. There are only three more episodes left. Which is disconcerting because everything that’s happening on the show is generating new questions rather than answering old ones. Apparently, the show’s creators feel the same way. They just couldn’t cram every piece into an hour-long episode, so they decided to super-size it and make the finale a whopping two and a half hours long. As they finished post-production, both Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof tweeted, “We’re done. Amen.” [Hollywood Reporter]

Yes, I am already planning my viewing party for May 23rd. And it will involve special Dharma Initiative and Smoke Monster-themed beverages. And I will also be picking up tomorrow’s Entertainment Weekly, which is dedicated to the “End of ‘Lost.’” Apparently, Doc Jensen got to be on set for the filming of the final episode. Lucky duck. [EW]
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The 4 Evil TV Characters All Men Want To Be

Heroes are boring. Who wants to be Clark Kent when you could be Lex Luthor? Ever since there have been complete a-holes around to spoil the good guys’ fun on TV, guys have wanted to be them. Here’s a look at four TV villains all guys wish they could be. Keep reading »

That’s A Lot Of Sons Of Bitches

Many of the characters on “Lost” have go-to phrases and one-liners, but none are as prolific as Sawyer’s many, many “son of bitches” over the last six seasons. Jezebel compiled every single one into a video, but it’s not embeddable. Luckily, for the benefit of our readers, other “Lost” fans have had the same idea. Here’s one of many YouTube “son of a bitch” compilations. But seriously, check out the video on Jezebel — it took a lot of effort! Now can someone count them all? [via Celebitchy] Keep reading »

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