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“Lost” Meets “Cats”

Last night’s series finale of “Lost” was a serious time commitment—four and a half hours, to be exact, if you watched the episode and the retrospective before it. If you didn’t have that kind of time on your hands, here is the one-minute version of the entire series, as acted by cats. Whoever cast the hairless kitty as Locke is a genius! [NYMag.com] Keep reading »

Every Single Shirtless Hottie Moment Ever Seen On “Lost”

This, this is why I love the internet. Every. Single. Shirtless. Moment. Ever seen on “Lost.” It’s so hard to say goodbye, but this video will have your private parts saying HELLO! [via NYMag.com] Keep reading »

Serve Dharma Food And Drink At Your “Lost” Series Finale Party

If you’re hosting a “Lost” season finale party this Sunday (or attending one), make sure to pick up some Dharma Initiative snacks and beverages for the gathering. Your local grocery store doesn’t carry the brand? No worries. Just print off some handy-dandy labels for products from beer and wine to chocolate bars and cashews, and your guests will feel like they’re stuck on an island with a scary smoke monster. [Max Pictures] Keep reading »

The 10 Questions The “Lost” Finale NEEDS To Answer

For the past six seasons of “Lost,” every single episode has brought us at least one new oddity to ponder. And yet, as frequently as questions are posed, it’s not that often that a question is actually answered. This is why the love the show, but also what makes it such an ever-evolving mind bender. Now we are down to the final episode. It’s a long one—two and a half hours to be exact—but it has all us fans wondering, how the heck are they going to tie up all the loose ends?

Sadly, they won’t. Today, producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse announced that because they felt they didn’t have enough time to finish all the story lines, the season six DVD will contain 20 extra minutes. But uh, we don’t want to wait until August or have to drop $50 to know everything! After the jump, the 10 questions we need answers to on Sunday. Keep reading »

5 Most Kick-Butt “Lost” Scenes

After six seasons of watching “Lost” going “huh?” at 99 percent of the plot revelations each week, only one thing remains clear— some characters are just awesome, especially when they do completely crazy, amazing stunts! Like, look at Desmond saving Claire. The man has vision and so do the genius writers for figuring out a way to get him shirtless and soaking wet. But this is just the icing on the cake of coolness that is “Lost.” Needless to say, Desmond is not the only cast member who looked danger in the eye and said, “I got this one.” Check out our top five favorite moments with the best of the cast kickin’ some serious butt. Keep reading »

“Lost” Star Michael Emerson Makes Everything Sound Ominous

Lost” star Michael Emerson (Ben Linus) can make even seemingly happy sentences seem scary. That’s talent. [via Vulture] Keep reading »

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