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Thanks To Beyonce, Now Everybody Can Do The Robot

Calling all cyborgs. Remember that metal glove Beyonce wore? The look may become as ubiquitous as thigh-high boots. Designer Lorraine Schwartz created the glove for the singer’s I Am … Sasha Fierce album. “She wanted something a little bit harder and robotic,” says Schwartz. To get the “superhero” look, the jeweler made a wax mold of Beyonce’s hand, and then cast the hand-piece in lightweight titanium. Schwartz reports she’s since seen regular folk wearing knock-offs. Does this mean we’ll all be fembots soon? [NYMag.com] Keep reading »

What’s Up With Beyonce’s Bionic Hand?

Beyonce has been promoting her multiple-personality album I Am…Sasha Fierce, which will be released tomorrow, and in at least three recent performances — the World Music Awards, the MTV Europe Music Awards, and “Saturday Night Live” — she has worn a piece of jewelry that resembles the hand of a robot. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that the glove is basically a full-hand ring. At first, we thought Beyonce was wearing her special glove whenever she performed as Sasha Fierce, her sassier alter-ego, but this theory doesn’t pan out because she wore the hand when she performed “If I Were A Boy,” which is on the Beyonce part of the album. The accessory, which we’re calling a “gling” (glove ring), was designed by Lorraine Schwartz, who also created Beyonce’s $5-million, 18-carat diamond wedding ring. Seeing as Schwartz’s designs cost a pretty penny, maybe Beyonce is wearing the gling non-stop because she wants to get her money’s worth. Either that or she’s just one of the first to sport finger-surrounding rings — Vogue Italia featured several in a recent story, and Selma Blair wore one shaped like a snake this weekend. Keep reading »

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