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How To Look Good While Riding A Bike

Those of you who follow street fashion blogs have no doubt noticed the ongoing fascination with pretty girls looking good on bikes. Each one of these things on its own — pretty girls, looking good and biking — is worthy of some praise, but all together they form a glorious trifecta that thousands of blog posts and picture frames have been devoted to. But while looking good while biking is nothing new, we have noticed that women who used to take town cars have joined the ranks of what my friend Jim calls PGOBs, or Pretty Girls on Bikes. There’s Self magazine editor Lucy Danziger, badass stylist Catherine Baba, and a bit of a fashion editorial fixation on bicycles as of late. As someone who’s been biking in stilettos and party dresses for quite some time now, I’ve got a few tried and true tips to help you join the herd of well-dressed biker babes. Keep reading »

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