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Halloween Inspiration Board: Sue Lyons As “Lolita”

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In Stanley Kubrick’s 1963 film adaptation of the controversial novel Lolita, Sue Lyons is a disturbingly uncanny Dolores Haze. She embodies the nymphet to the last gum-snapping, downy-limbed detail as she preens before her middle-aged lover Humbert Humbert. The film sees Lolita dressed precociously in heavily ruffled baby-doll dresses and, in her most famous image, little more than a halter-top bikini.

I can’t recommend emulating the character in any way other than her vintage wardrobe. But if you’re going all out this Halloween, a heady dose of her characteristic seduction can’t hurt! Keep reading »

Underage Sex In Advertising Attracts Older Consumers

ABC News has a big story out today that talks about sex in advertising. American Apparel, BMW, and Gossip Girl are just a few of the latest brands to embrace carnal desire in print ads, but they’re taking it a step farther by putting people who look very young in provocative positions to draw attention to their products. Keep reading »

The Daily Squeeze: Pamela Anderson Strips, Women Allowed To Complain, And A Tartily Named Bed

  • Pamela Anderson will perform at the famous nude review Crazy Horse in Paris this Valentine’s Day. A “Gold Francis” level ticket costs about $355, which sounds like a lot until you realize that she’ll be performing a striptease on a Harley-Davidson. [Reuters]
  • The author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus has a new book out about how stress kills relationships. One of the things he recommends is “Venus Talk”: A woman tells her significant other about her problems for 10 minutes without interruption, three times a week. Would a guy be able to handle all of that complaining? [Sydney Morning Herald]
  • After an online uprising, Woolworths has stopped selling a line of girl’s bedroom furniture named “Lolita.” Something about the name being sexually charged…? [Times Online]
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