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Girl Talk: Instead Of “I’ll Never,” Here’s What “I’ll Always” Do In A Relationship

Over the last year, I have spent a lot of time — both in my free time and on this site — thinking and venting about the mistakes I made and the lessons I learned from the breakup of my five-year relationship with my ex. Lots of “I’ll nevers” have come out of my mouth and onto the keyboard. I’ll never date a professional bulls**tter again! I’ll never try to heal an emotional cripple! I’ll never ignore my gut instinct again! Good lessons, for sure. But honestly, all this “never” talk makes it easy to forget that I — hell, we — did a lot of things right in that relationship too: habits, feelings, and actions that I will always want to be a part of my romantic relationships going forward. Here are 15.
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20 Ways To Feel More Confident About Your Relationship

There are many ways to feel more confident about your relationship, but here are 20 to get you started. Take the reins or the bull by the horns (or whatever else comes to mind), and start feeling more confident! Keep reading »

15 Things A Woman Can Do And Still Call Herself A “Feminist”

There’s an article this week in the Daily Mail UK admonishing a TV newscaster in England for wearing “more makeup than a drag queen” during a recent news report. The biggest problem was that she’s a feminist news correspondent. “Is it possible to be a feminist while wearing false eyelashes?” the writer — a self-defined “old-school feminist” asks. Uh, yeah, it is! And after the jump, 15 other shocking things it’s possible for a woman to do and still call herself a feminist.
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It Should Be Illegal …

With all the talk about legalizing gay marriage and decriminalizing marijuana, we started thinking about the super-important stuff that we wish the po-po would come in and regulate. After the jump, 30 unacknowledged crimes that should be illegal. Keep reading »

Pointless Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

BuzzFeed today has a link to a list called “Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend,” or, as Peggy Wang from BuzzFeed describes it: “Fun for the kind of couples who like to tie each other up and waterboard torture each other as foreplay.” I’m guessing the original list was intended for young teens or couples who both suffer from brain damage or who never even developed the social skills of a Hummer. “Do not be intimidated about the men’s presence,” the list’s author advises. “You have to ask such questions to know more about your date or your boyfriend. Asking never hurt. Knowing the truth about them helps; so we ask. These questions indirectly can help us knowing every detail we need to know about men.” After the jump, a few of the more choice questions of the list and how I imagine Tom Cruise may have answered if Katie Holmes had asked him any of these when they were “getting to know each other.” Keep reading »

20 Ways To Spend Your Extra Hour This Weekend

Sad news, everyone: this may be Halloween weekend, but it’s also the weekend Daylight Saving Time ends and months of dreary cold and sunless days begin. Of course, the perky glass-half-full types are always quick to point out how we gain an extra hour when DST ends, like that somehow makes up for going to and from work each day entirely in the dark. There’s nothing we can do about it, though, so I say let’s make the most of that measly hour we get this weekend and try our hardest to kick off the long, dark months of winter on a good note! Not sure what to do with your extra hour? I’ve got 20 suggestions after the jump. Keep reading »

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