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This Week In Sex: The World’s Largest Bra Is A Size 1222B, Plus A Size Queen Shares Sex Tips

51 Vag Names
These vagina nicknames are approved by the Lord. Watch »
  • The world’s largest bra was unveiled as part of a “Wear It Pink” campaign. It’s a size 1222B. That boulder holder would fit a whole lotta boobie. [HuffPo Weird News]
  • Monogamy might be too much for us to expect at this point in the evolution (or devolution?) of relationships.  [Your Tango]
  • Check out these over-priced sex toys if you are extremely rich and/or prefer your dildos made of solid gold. [Cracked]

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Send NSFW Links With Care

You seriously have no idea how many Not Safe For Work stories and links we’re tempted to post on The Frisky, but don’t, for fear of getting you lovely readers in deep doo-doo with the corporate entities which cut your paychecks. But now we don’t have to! Why? According to LifeHacker, “Web site NSFW.in is a URL-shrinking web application à la TinyURL with a twist, allowing users to share Not Safe For Work (NSFW) links without fear of compromising your poor, unsuspecting friend.” When a person clicks on a NSFW.in-adapted link, they are told that the link they are about to enter is potentially dangerous for a work scenario and they have to confirm that it’s okie-dokie to continue on into smutty territory. So, the next time a “Two Girls, One Cup”-esque viral video hits the interweb and you’re dying to send it to your BFF who works at a law firm, first shrink the URL by going to NSFW.in. She’ll know to wait until she’s moved her laptop into the storage closet near the men’s restroom to click “continue”. [NSFW.in via LifeHacker] Keep reading »

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