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Quotable: Lily Allen Says Fashion Industry Likes Her Skinny

“Someone said to me recently: ‘You seem so much more comfortable in your skin now, and the fashion world has really embraced you… And I was like, yep, there is a reason the fashion world has embraced me: because I did lose a considerable amount of weight over the last year! The people who have got involved with me probably wouldn’t have when I was a stone-and-a-half heavier.”

Lily Allen, who is a somewhat unlikely Chanel muse [MonstersandCritics] Keep reading »

Lily Allen Goes Topless Again In Harper’s Bazaar Russia

For someone with so many supposed body issues, Lily Allen surprisingly seems to have no problem exposing herself. In the January issue of Russian Harper’s Bazaar the pop star appears topless in an edgy photo shoot that also features some vixen-y lingerie and Tim Burton-esque accessories. Allen has also shown off her ta-tas for magazines like GQ and i-D, so maybe she just knows what the people want?

In this spread, Lily looks pretty and fashionable (minus the cigarette smoking in one shot), but in a slimmer, Kate Moss-like way that she hopefully won’t take too far. Then again, who knows how much these images have been Photoshopped. The topless pic after the jump. [Fashionising.com] Keep reading »

Quotable: Lily Allen Is OK With Her Body, Thank You Very Much

“I’m just over the whole body thing. I honestly don’t care any more. I’ll never be teeny tiny like Cheryl Cole or Dannii Minogue, but I’ve stopped comparing myself. Put my next to the average British woman and I’m fine … I’ve still got a big bum and thighs, but they’re the parts of my body my boyfriend is always grabbing. I’ve lost that obsession and paranoia, thank God.”

– Lily Allen in Grazia magazine [ONTD]

Keep reading »

Lily Allen To Open A Designer Clothing Rental Shop

Breaking News: Lily Allen and her sister are planning to open up a clothing shop and rent out designer looks à la Rent the Runway. The shop will be called Lucy In Disguise and, though we’re fairly sick of celebs thinking they have any business working in fashion, we’re fairly excited about this idea. After all, Lily looks stylish more often than most other celebs her age, she’s a bit edgy, and her Chanel campaign was just far too cute for words. Here’s to hoping some of papa Lagerfeld’s creations show up at Allen’s shop. [Elle UK] Keep reading »

Hair Model Citizen: Lily Allen’s Skunky Do

We’re not saying whether or not we’re wild about Lily Allen‘s new ‘do (we’ll leave that up to you), but she is definitely a Hair Model Citizen for busting out something, well, interesting. So she’s got the rock star platinum thing going on: really choppy, thick bangs and plenty of chunks of black. Now the only way to get this look–if you’re interested, that is–is to be prepared to do some serious damage to your hair. You’d have to bleach the whole thing and then separately dye the black, unless you already have black hair and you could just not dye a few strands. On second thought, we’d recommend leaving this look to Lily Allen. [Manchester, 11/17/09] Keep reading »

The Fashion Peacekeepers: How Can Lily Allen Not Be Chanel’s Muse?

There’s kind of a random op-ed in the Femail section of The Daily Mail today called “How Can Lily Allen Be Chanel’s Latest Fashion Muse?” that bemoans Karl Lagerfeld’s apparent fascination with the singer, whom the writer refers to as looking “worse for wear” in the past. It’s curious for several reasons: The paper is known for publishing as much as it possibly can about the real girl vs. models debate–they’re always quick to lay it on thick when it comes to busting airbrushers and acquiring quotes from magazine editors who vow to fight too tiny sample sizes, and they even have a regular feature where they photograph their writers trying on designer clothes worn by celebrities to see how they translate in real life. So why would they bother with a piece by a writer who’s all pissed off about Lily Allen being the latest Chanel girl because she’s not fashion enough? Keep reading »

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