Who can say what inspired the librarians at the Francis W. Parker School in Chicago to produce this homage to the Beastie Boys 1994 video “Sabotage.” Whatever it is, we are so thrilled they did. Directed by Chicago’s “Mike and Duane Show,” the video is a pitch perfect remake. And that’s not all! Teachers and… READ MORE »


In case you were wondering what the librarians at Arizona State University were up to in 1987, well, just push play, and prepare to be confused. [YouTube via Neatorama] … READ MORE »


One of my interior design dreams has always been to have an old school card catalog in my house. I’d love to use it for organizing recipes, jewelry, craft supplies, or just general storage. I could spend hours scouring garage sales to find an antique one, plunk down some serious cash for a reproduction, or… READ MORE »


I met my friend Molly for drinks this weekend, and she warned me ahead of time that she was dressed exactly like the librarian at Gaston Elementary School circa 1993. I laughed at first, but when I saw her my laughter quickly turned into a “Damn, girl! You look so cute!” The basic equation–midi skirt,… READ MORE »


Librarians do a lot more than shush patrons and put books in Dewey Decimal order. A survey of librarians—taken in 1992, but censored by a professional journal until now—shows that naughty librarians are actually par for the course. According to the survey of 5,000 librarians, 20 percent of them had gotten busy in their library’s… READ MORE »