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Why Our Nose Heats Up When We Lie

So Pinocchio wasn’t that far-fetched after all: The nose may not grow when we lie, but two Spanish scientists say it does get noticeably warmer. Using thermal imaging cameras on volunteers, Emilio Gómez Milán and Elvira Salazar López found that nose temperature changed depending on their mood, the Daily Mail reports. The reason: Part of the brain called the insular cortex is altered when people lie about their feelings, and the insular cortex detects and regulates body temperature. Read more …

10 Common Dude Lies Decoded

Men are hard enough to understand when they’re telling the truth, nearly impossible when they’re lying. There are some common lies dudes tell us, usually because they think they will spare our feelings. Eh, not so much. Ladies are quick on the uptake when it comes to subtext. Better off to just tell the truth, guys. In honor of To Tell The Truth Day, we’ve decoded some standard dude lies after the jump. Now that you know we know guys, you can stop telling them. Keep reading »

Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases, From Liars To Gorillaz

I Love Liars. And I’m not talking about the all the sweet-talking men who’ve done me wrong. This time, I’m talking about my fave band in the world, Liars, the ruling triumvirate of all that is awesome. They manage to do the improbable — create existential noise rock that is relatable and awkward sonic love that’ll spin you right round. You might remember them from the heart-melting “Houseclouds” vid where kitties go crazy for them. Well, today, they unleash their fifth record, Sisterworld and, girl, it kicks off a new release Tuesday more stacked with juicy radness than a big ol’ booty! Gorillaz goes bananas; super group Broken Bells busts out; Black Rebel Motorcycle Club adds some vroom; Frightened Rabbit is scary good; Ludacris is back on the badonkadonk trail … and that’s just the half of it. So let’s get into the groove, after the jump.

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Is It Possible to Spot a Liar?

Most of us think we know the telltale signs of a liar—shifty eyes, sweating, a long, winding story that seems highly improbable. The stereotypes are even cross-cultural: a 2006 study done at the Texas Christian University found that similar perceptions of liars exist in over sixty countries. Keep reading »

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