lgbtq rights

Dallas church votes to perform gay marriages, gets kicked out of Texas Baptists

The reverend said, “My judgment is that God is doing something beautiful here. I’m going to err on the side of love and grace.”

Karen Fratti | November 17, 2016 - 1:29 pm

Maryland high school makes homecoming court gender neutral, throwing out “king” and “queen”

Why should our culture’s dated, cisnormative standards dictate who gets to be teen royalty?

Kylie Cheung | September 30, 2016 - 8:26 am

Violence Against The Transgender Community Is Sadly On The Rise In The U.S.

This year and last boast terrifying rates of violence toward the LGBTQ community.

Kylie Cheung | July 26, 2016 - 7:04 pm

The Sad Truth Caitlyn Jenner Ignored About The GOP’s Homo/Transphobia In Cleveland

To her credit, she did have one awesome policy proposal: banning Republicans from public bathrooms.

Kylie Cheung | July 21, 2016 - 9:32 pm

Most Transgender Americans Live In The Scariest States To Be LGBTQ

Transgender people are often living in states that don’t give a shit about their civil rights.

Karen Fratti | July 1, 2016 - 7:06 pm

Meet Chris Mosier, The First Transgender Athlete Featured In ESPN’s Body Issue

The interview Mosier had with ESPN’s Christina Kahrl is nothing short of inspiring, not only for the transgender community, but for everyone who has struggled with being comfortable in their own

Liz Magee | June 29, 2016 - 7:38 pm

Mike Huckabee Has To Pay $25,000 For Playing “Eye Of The Tiger” At A Rally

An expensive and deeply satisfying victory for karma.

Kylie Cheung | June 28, 2016 - 11:34 am

The Ban On Transgender Troops Could Be Lifted As Early As Next Month

From the administration that brought us the first openly gay Secretary of the Army, this is hardly a surprise, but it’s amazing news nonetheless.

Kylie Cheung | June 28, 2016 - 8:42 am

5 Major Ways 2016 Is Still An Incredibly Dangerous Time For LGBTQ Americans

Sure, official monuments and landmarks and citywide celebrations are awesome, but America has a long way to go before going steady with LGBTQ civil rights. 

Karen Fratti | June 9, 2016 - 10:15 pm

Ballez Is Ballet For Lesbian, Queer, And Trans People, & It’s Revolutionary

Ballet is not known for being terribly inclusive, but choreographer Katy Pyle’s new company Ballez seeks to change that by featuring queer and transgender dancers in subversive reimaginings of classic…

Jenni Miller | April 25, 2016 - 11:17 am