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The Butch Clothing Company Will Give “Butch Women” Confidence

Entrepreneur Shaz Riley, who proudly calls herself a butch lesbian, was so sick of dealing with negative people when shopping in the men’s department that she has created Butch Clothing Company, a line of clothes specifically for butch women. According to Riley, butches don’t want to be men, but they also don’t want to wear women’s clothing. So, until now, their only choice was to wear men’s clothes, which brought its own complications. For starters, all that room in the crotch of men’s pants is unnecessary for a woman. But more importantly, Riley says butch women are often met with rudeness when shopping for men’s clothes. She hopes Butch Clothing Company will give these women the confidence to be themselves while at the same time challenging the stigma associated with the “butch” label. The line will carry shorts, trousers, and T-shirts, but the primary focus will be on formal suits for civil partnerships. Rojo Caliente, are you listening? [The Guardian] Keep reading »

Lesbians Embrace Justin Bieber And Dub Themselves “Biebians”

Justin Bieber fever is spreading at an even more rapid pace than we thought. We’ve already told you about the site “Lesbians that Look like Justin Bieber,” but now this collection of photos is turning into a way of life. Lesbians across the world who have “accepted” their similarity to the teen singing sensation have taken on a title to prove it, calling themselves “Biebians.” The moniker is starting to expand, inspiring a series of bar nights that are meant to bring “Biebians” together to celebrate their beautiful hair and mutual love for the chipmunk-esque tween pop star. Who knew that the mediocre melodies of a 16-year-old could bring so many like-minded ladies together? Let’s just hope this new nickname doesn’t become the next “cougar,” though I might be interested in a show called “Biebian Town.” [Vulture] Keep reading »

What Not To Say To A Lesbian

Lesbians are great for hanging out with, talking to about sports and beating you in arm wresting. Unfortunately, the porn industry has also done a pretty good job of convincing you lesbians also want to have sex with you.

Luckily, this real, flesh-and-blood lesbian is here to set you straight (heh). Without further ado, here are a few lines that are almost certain to get you ousted from lesbian ladies’ night at your local pool hall. Read more Keep reading »

Girl On Girl: Should I Care If My Sexuality Embarrasses Friends And Family?

Last weekend, my girlfriend and I went to a pub full of guys shooting pool and drinking beer. We were there to see her friend, Mike, a DJ. He’s got a weekly gig at this place and, as he doesn’t seem to get too many of them, it’s pretty important that he keep it. I thought we were being pretty well-behaved. I’m not really big on PDA in places like that because, frankly, I feel out of place anyway and I don’t want to draw attention to myself.

But as the night progressed my girlfriend and I started to get tipsy. We didn’t do anything over the top but I know for a fact that I reached for her a couple times, danced with her and probably even kissed her. This is pretty standard stuff for a heterosexual couple, but I noticed that we were being gawked and glared at. I leaned over and asked my girlfriend’s guy friend if he’d noticed. He gave a fervent nod. Uh-oh. Keep reading »

Hey, It’s Two Girls Kissing

Sometimes videos of two girls kissing is gratuitous. Sometimes it’s just pretty. A band called, um, Complicated Universal Cum created this, we think, very sweet video for “I Can Hardly Wait” starring two girls making out. Why? Just because! Sometimes girls just start making out all over the place. That’s how we are. Who can blame us? Girls are awesome. Keep reading »

Girl On Girl: Have I Become A Stereotypical “Angry Lesbian”?

A few weeks ago, my girlfriend and I were in a pizza place and a group of big, drunk guys wearing sports jerseys and smelling of beer walked in. We were just leaving and as my girlfriend stood up, I looked at her and thought, “Wow, I’m so lucky to be dating her.” I couldn’t resist leaning over and pecking her on the cheek. Before you freak out, I didn’t suck on her neck or stick my tongue down her throat. I said peck. On the cheek.

But the boisterous jocks went silent and one of them whispered, “lesbians.” My girlfriend and I smiled and I rolled my eyes. Seriously, how could anyone be so juvenile? But as we were walking out the door one of the guys yelled something like, “Hey, do you girls like DILDOS!?!?” and the whole group just cracked up. Swearing, I turned back, determined to give those jerks a piece of my mind. But my girlfriend grabbed my hand and pulled me across the street.

“I was surprised you kissed me in front of them,” she said once I was done cursing. “I mean, you knew that would happen.” Keep reading »

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