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The Soapbox: The Conversation I Wish We Were Having Instead About Lena Dunham’s $3.5 Million Book Deal

Give Lena A Break
She's not the voice of a generation -- and that's okay! Read More »
Lena's Muslim Tweet
lena dunham veil photo
Oooh, that was a poor life choice, Lena Dunham. Read More »
Erica says lay off "Girls" for being all-white and give black girls a show. Read More »

“Girls” star Lena Dunham evokes a passionate response from bloggers and journalists, especially in women’s media. So I’m a bit nervous about admitting that my thoughts on Dunham’s oeuvre is neutral, even dispassionate. She’s overexposed for a small and fairly meh body of work:  “Tiny Furniture” wasn’t that great and I got bored with “Girls” about three episodes in and stopped watching. Her role in the zeitgeist doesn’t interest me much, either. I’m sick of talking about how she takes her clothes off in her work. I’m sick of talking about whether she is racist or just dopey. I’m sick of talking about whether she’s the voice of a generation, or a voice of a generation. It’s not jealousy or hatred that I feel, just a profound feeling of I’m over it. IMHO, Lena Dunham gets a lot of attention for all the attention she is getting. But still, she is everywhere. Keep reading »

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