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Watch Jenny Slate Sing “Landslide” As Marcel The Shell

Jenny Slate
Move Over, Stevie Nicks

For Jenny Slate, Marcel the Shell is more than just an onscreen character — his voice makes an appearance anytime Jenny wants to provide commentary on her life without feeling like she’s talking to herself. [This basically describes the vast majority of the conversations that occur between myself and Lucca, where I do Lucca's voice responding to me, etc. -- Amelia] Yesterday, Jenny serenaded Conan with a rendition of the melancholy classic “Landslide” in the voice of Marcel, bringing a tear to the eye of every other talking shell out there.

“I’m Getting Older 2″: One Man’s Interpretative Dance To “Landslide” In His Underwear

Treadmill Dancer
Hold me closer, treadmill dancer. Watch »
Types Of Dancers
You'll always see these people shakin' it at the club. Read More »
This person dances like no one is watching. Watch »
A Sensible Mashup
Tyler Marcum's 30th birthday gift to himself

When  self-described “human unicorn” Tyler Marcum was 20, he filmed an interpretive dance to “Landslide” in his underwear. Cut to a decade later. Tyler is turning 30 and he decided to pay homage to his last decade of life by filming himself doing the dance again. Being auteur that he is,  he had the good instinct to create a “sensible mashup” of his dancing selves entitled “I’m Getting Older 2.”

There’s nothing sensible about it. But that’s why I think it’s a new Internet classic. His dance stylings are so fine (I particularly like his belly wave and butt shimmy) that I’ll give him a pass for thinking that the Dixie Chicks were the original artists of “Landslide.” Happy Birthday, Tyler. You’re only getting better with age.  I’ll be looking forward to “I’m Getting Older 3″ when you turn 40. [YouTube]

How Dare Gwyneth Paltrow Do Stevie Nicks!

Did Gwyneth Paltrow just go there? I can’t believe my ears. This is her version of Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” that will appear on her upcoming “Glee” episode. I’m all for the reprisal of Kelly Canter, but playing a country music star does not give her the right to try to play Stevie Nicks. My outrage-o-meter is blinking wildly. Maybe I’m just overreacting because Stevie is my spirit animal. What do you think of Gwyneth’s version of “Landslide”? [NY Mag] Keep reading »

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