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They Dated?!: Hollywood’s Oddest Hookups

In her autobiography, Cloris Leachman brags about bumping uglies with Gene Hackman.

“As we moved into the main course, it was as if a cosmic wind enveloped us. Some giant space magnet was pulling us together. We didn’t finish the meal. We went upstairs, flew into bed and made love. It was epic… I remember well the feisty lad he was.”

Whoa, down girl! Sometimes celebs just don’t know how to keep their big mouths shut! But Cloris isn’t the only star who’s screwed someone strange. Hollywood has a whole history of odd hookups. Here are some of the most shocking… [via Huffington Post]
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Star Couplings: Simpson Vs. Underwood, It’s War!

  • Carrie Underwood apparently thinks that Jessica Simpson doing magazine interviews about her love life is desperate. A source said: “She laughed at the People cover, because it’s the same one Jess did about John Mayer — same smile, same look, except she’s a little fatter.” Team Underwood! [DListed]
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    Star Couplings: Lance Armstrong Needs To Find A New Ride

  • Hot-and-heavy Lance Armstrong and Kate Hudson have called it quits. Look out Kate Bosworth! [Perez Hilton]
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    Frisky Chatter: Dish From The Frisky Forums

    Happy “First Day of Summer” Frisky Readers!!! I am so dying to spend the first day of the season at the beach tomorrow. However, if you live in a place where there is no beach, or you are afraid of the sunlight, or you’re stuck in bed with the flu, you should totally take some time this weekend to mosey on over to the Frisky Forums. Here’s what the peeps have been dishing about this week:

  • Atlgirl wants to know why Lance Armstrong is such a man-whore and has such luck with much younger women. I think that one testicle is very, very powerful.
  • Elle is wondering whether you’d prefer a traditional princess wedding or something more offbeat, like a destination affair, something small and simple at City Hall, or, like, a ceremony while skydiving. Well I’m wondering about that last one.
  • Lastly, does the thought of a guy in a bubble bath give you a giant case of the icks?
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    Quick Pic: George Clooney Goes For A Spin Around Lake Como

    So that’s where Lance’s bike is! [Lake Como, Italy, 6/16/08]
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    Quick Pic: Kate Hudson & Lance Armstrong Go To See Iron Maiden

    Do you think they walked or biked? [New York City, 6/15/08]
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