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Kristin Tells Off The Other Girls On “America’s Next Top Model,” Posts Angry Facebook Rant

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Kristin Kagay America's Next Top Model
Kristin Stars Drama Backstage At Panel

When I heard that Kristin, the super-genetically blessed blonde girl on this cycle of “America’s Next Top Model,” was only 19, I felt relieved. At least she’s young enough that she still has time to shake that whole “I think I’m Regina George in ‘Mean Girls’” thing.

On Friday’s episode of “ANTM,” Kristin spent the whole episode, as usual, complaining about the other girls instead of focusing on her smize and tooch. And yet when she ended up in the bottom two, Kristin threw a temper tantrum backstage, lashed out at Kiara and Leila for “gloating” over their high scores and repeatedly called sweet little Leila a “bitch.”

Find out who went home — i.e. SPOILER! — after the jump… Keep reading »

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