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Ermahgerd! An Ermahgerd Book Club (Berk Clerb)!

The Ermahgerd Song
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Ehmahgherd Meme
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Ermahgerd Berks!
Irma Gerd Berks Live from the Merm Clerbhers

Finally, a book club worth joining, where people don’t get all annoying and self-righteous about the reading selections. Irma Gerd Berks (played by Kimmy Gatewood) hosts the Ermahgerd Berks! show in the Merm Clerbhers. This week’s selections include The Curse of Horror Island, The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe and There’s A Boy In The Girls’ Bathroom. Ermahgerd! I cern’t wert fer nerxt the nerxt erpiserd! And NO, I’ll never ever stop finding this meme funny. Nerhver! [You Tube]

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