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Watch Kevin Bacon Talk To Millennials About The 80′s

"You will never know the comfort of parachute pants."

Kevin Bacon is one of my favorite actors of all time because he never takes himself too seriously and, let’s face it, he’s still adorable. Millennials, sit back and enjoy as Kevin takes us on a nostalgic journey to the ’80s and tells us about a life before the invention of “Ok Twindr.” [22 Words]

Why “The Following” Is The Worst Show, But I Can’t Stop Watching It

UK's Reality TV
4 reasons why reality TV is better in the UK than the U.S. Read More »

Do you watch “The Following,” the Kevin Bacon show about an Edgar Allen Poe-obsessed serial killer named Joe Carroll? No? Good for you. I do. And I can’t stop myself, even though it’s one of the worst, most unbelievably, faultily constructed shows out there. Briefly — SPOILER ALERT if you for some reason plan on Tivo-ing this season or something — the show follows ex-FBI agent Ryan Hardy as he works with the FBI’s cult unit to track down a serial killer named Joe Carroll, who has started a murderous cult that worships Edgar Allen Poe. Carroll is out to be reunited with his son Joey and wife Claire, who totally hates his guts and is in love with Ryan Hardy. Naturally, Joe has some cult members kidnap Joey in order to lure Claire to his den of leather-bound books and sipping whiskey, and all this is clearly culminating in some kind of mass rampage.

There are only, like, four more episodes left, which THANK GOD, even though I dutifully turn it on every Monday night, grit my teeth and watch it. What’s my problem with “The Following”? I am up to my eyeballs in suspension of disbelief. I am happy to suspend my disbelief — this is TV after all — but my disbelief has suspended its disbelief. The show’s creators and writers took a very awesome thriller idea — an ex-FBI agent chasing a cult-crazed serial killer — and made it dumb. Here’s how. Keep reading »

Kevin Bacon Plays The President Of His Fan Club In New Commercial

Normally, I view ads as things to be fast-forwarded past. But this one for Logitech Revue with Google TV is pretty awesome. It stars Kevin Bacon as … Kevin Bacon’s biggest fan—the president of his fan club who commissioned an oil painting of himself with Sir Bacon. Best line: “His best movie is probably a tie between all of them. ” Keep reading »

I Will Spend My Valentine’s Day Watching New York, I Love You

The trailer for New York, I Love You was just released, and I am ever-so-slightly excited about it — even though it won’t hit theaters until February 13. I cannot believe they would tease us and then make us wait almost six months to see it. The New York version of Paris, je t’aime, New York, I Love You is actually 12 interwoven five-minute-long shorts that take place in all five of the city’s boroughs. While they used music that’s more than a little overplayed for the trailer (Mika’s “Love Today,” Regina Spektor’s “Fidelity,” and Feist’s “1234), it’s hard not to get excited about a movie with too many stars to list (Shia LaBeouf, Cloris Leachman, Natalie Portman, Hayden Christensen, Christina Ricci, Orlando Bloom, Ethan Hawke, Olivia Thirlby, James Caan, etc.). In fact, there are so many people in this movie, including Kevin Bacon, that the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon might be reduced to two or three degrees. Keep reading »

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