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Dude Sees A Kangaroo Hopping Around Oklahoma, Goes Buckwild

Dude Sees A Kangaroo Hopping Around Oklahoma, Goes Buckwild
What The Crap?

While on a hunting trip near Adair, Oklahoma, Andrew Rice spotted a “fucking kangaroooooooo” and posted the video on his Facebook page. Of course, it’s insane to see a random kangaroo hopping around the middle of the United States and Rice’s reaction — equal parts crazy excitement and wondering “what the crap” was going on  — helped the video go viral.  Don’t worry about the kangaroo, after Rice’s sighting, it was discovered that the animal had escaped from a private owner who recaptured it unharmed Monday afternoon. I would like to see this video get autotuned. [Daily Pics And Flicks]

Gah! Too Cute! Orphaned Interspecies Baby Hang Out

Zebra Baby
A lion tries to eat this baby in a zebra costume. Watch »

What do you get when an orphaned baby kangaroo hangs out with an orphaned wombat and an orphaned swamp wallaby? Too much adorableness to handle. The trio of babies live at Australia’s Wildabout Wildlife Rescue Center and are all around five months old. Click through to see another too-cute-for-words photo of the besties. [Zooborns] Keep reading »

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