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Charlie Sheen’s Porn Star Pal Wants You To Know They Wrapped It Up

"Charlie and I tried to use protection. ... I kept having to put it on again. I don't want people to think I just had sex with him and didn't try to use one." — Porn star -- and ex-Kevin Federline paramour -- Kacey Jordan told Radar Online she had an abortion after…
By: Jessica Wakeman / February 21, 2011

Quickies: Kacey Jordan Is A Combination Porn Star/Babysitter

Kacey Jordan, porn star pal of Charlie Sheen, claims she aborted a pregnancy a couple of years ago. Guess who the would-be father allegedly was? Kevin Federline, after his divorce from Britney Spears. Yes, the only way this story could get better is if it involves K-Fed. [The Superficial] Kacey Jordan also told…
By: Jessica Wakeman / January 31, 2011