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15 Ways To Get Out Of Jury Duty

I’m back from a week of jury duty! Did you guys miss me? What do you mean you didn’t notice I was gone? I’m heartbroken. Anyway, I never thought I’d be so glad to be back to work on a Monday morning, but after a week at the courthouse, where I couldn’t so much as pee until someone gave me the go-ahead, work is a welcome relief! When I got my jury summons, plenty of people told me if I got chosen, it would be a fascinating experience, but, truthfully, I found it far more traumatizing than anything else. It was boring, tedious, and frustrating. And! I was even called a bully by a couple of the other jurors! Can you believe that? But I did learn a thing or two — most important, how to get out of jury duty the next time I get summoned (which won’t be for at least six years, thank God). After the jump, 15 ways you, too, can skirt this particular civic duty. Keep reading »

Kristen Stewart Is No Runaway From Jury Duty

You’d think with their acting abilities, stars would be masters at getting out of jury duty. Not the case for Kristen Stewart, who lawyers picked to serve on a jury despite the fact that her mere presence causes teenage girls to faint since she’s locked lips with Robert Pattinson on a repeated basis. The case K-Stew heard was one where a undercover officer posing as a prostitute busted a man trying to pay for sex. She and the rest of the jury found the dude not guilty because English was not his first language and his lawyers successfully argued that he didn’t know what was happening. The whole thing was fairly incident-free—no one stood up in the gallery and shouted “Bella” or flashed fake fangs at her. Although a security guard is on suspension for snapping a photo with K-Stew and then posting it on the internet. [People] Keep reading »

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