jim halpert


I have come to the conclusion that Jim Halpert probably doesn’t exist. Like, I want him to exist more than anything so we can get married ASAP literally anywhere at all. In a ditch? Sure. Outside a gas station? OK. But in my experience, Jim Halpert is as unattainable of an ideal as you canREAD MORE »

Love & Sex

Oh damn you, “The Office”. Here I thought I had made it past the point where half-hour long comedies would make me cry. But last night’s Season 5 premiere episode of “The Office” was an hour long, so maybe that’s why it’ll just be an exception to the rule. In the clip above,… READ MORE »


A lot happened on last night’s season finale of The Office: Toby had his goodbye party, Michael “fell in love” with his replacement (who happens to be his own female equivalent), but found out his ex, Jan, was pregnant with a sperm donor’s baby, and Andy proposed to Angela just as Jim was… READ MORE »