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Instant Wedding Rings, No Sizing Required

Designer Benjamin Lignel has come up with a concept for wedding rings that don’t require you to know your (or your partner’s) ring size, or to go to multiple fittings so your sparkler doesn’t fall off. His Instant Wedding Rings remind us of when we used to wrap those twisty ties around our fingers when we were about 9 years old. Perfect for recession-friendly and last-minute weddings! Right now, these rings are just prototypes, so if you need an inexpensive band, check out these. [BenjaminLignel.com] Keep reading »

Crave: Fame By Fetty “I Love Me” Bracelet

We don’t have a boyfriend to buy us jewelry, but that’s cool, because our last one didn’t quite get our style anyway. Instead, we’ll just get ourselves something we like at a price we can afford! Fetty jewelry designer (and Semi-Precious Weapons rocker) Justin Tranter has expanded his collection to include Fame, a line of affordable ($40-$100) trinkets featuring crystals that spell out words in Braille. Bet you can’t guess what this “I Love Me” bracelet says. [$50.40, Karmaloop.com] Keep reading »

Crave: Farfalle Ring

Priceless advice from us to you: museum gift shops have the best quirky crap. Exhibit A: this brass farfalle pasta-shaped ring from the Museum of Modern Art gift shop as part of their Destination Seoul collection, which showcases products by South Korean designers. What we love about this ring is that it doesn’t scream, “We have to share our love of Italian food with the world!” If this ring accessorizes the right outfit, it’ll just look like a cool, quirky piece of jewelry. [$95, MoMA Store] Keep reading »

Crave: Sterling Silver “Inspirational” Circle Necklace

This necklace is nothing like your typical inspirational necklace that focuses on boring old love, faith, and hope. Instead, it encourages you to lie, cheat, and steal, which is usually considered unladylike behavior. But these verbs can totally be inspirational when you think about them this way: lie about your age, cheat on your diet, and steal your friends’ style. [$14.99, Overstock.com] Keep reading »

Accessorize Your Way To A Thinner Look

Don’t feel guilty or beat yourself up about not shedding a few extra pounds. The gym is for losers! Instead, raid your jewelry box. I know you’re thinking: What do accessories have to do with looking thinner? Well, keep reading to find out. Keep reading »

The Jewelry Of New York Fashion Week

Just as you probably don’t leave the house without adding at least one bracelet, ring, or necklace to your outfit, fashion designers don’t let their models walk onto the runway un-accessorized. At the Trovata show on Tuesday, tailored-yet-casual-and-effortless clothes were accented with jewelry from the year-old line DanniJo, designed by sisters Danielle and Jodie Snyder. Among our favorite baubles in the show were the Celia entangled chain necklace ($465) and the Jacinda ring ($82), which models wore on three or four fingers. While this was DanniJo’s first official fashion week, it’s not the line’s first fashion show. Remember Jenny Humphrey’s guerilla fashion show on “Gossip Girl”? Well, Little J’s designs were paired with DanniJo necklaces!

Keep reading for a list of other jewelry shown in New York Fashion Week.
Keep reading »

Crave: Mushka Designs Jewelry (Win It!)

After we saw our best friend wearing a cute navy blazer, we cribbed her style and bought the same one. Then, she got back at us by showing up to a party wearing heels just like a pair in our closet. It’s our turn to make her jealous, and we’re all about the Make My Tags necklaces from Mushka Designs. Made from sterling silver, the necklaces are customizable, so friends won’t be able to completely rip off your look. Plus, wearing one can help you remember an important date, the one-word motto you live by, or, um, your first initial. [$39 on sale just for you!, Mushka Designs]

We’re giving away five CUSTOMIZED necklaces from Mushka Designs, but you have to work if you want to win. The five best commenters for this coming week — from today, Friday, Feb. 13 through Thursday, Feb. 19 — will be awarded with one. So, be as clever, smart, and original as you can! Click HERE to read the official rules. Keep reading »

Simple Rings Bearing Secret Messages

Designer Jungyun Yoon wanted to create a ring that would really create an impression on the person wearing it. On the outside, her Inner Message rings look pretty plain, but put one on and you’ll be left with a mark. Raised lettering on the inside of the ring presses into the wearer’s skin, imprinting a message. We’re kind of wondering whether the words be permanently etched there if you wear the ring long enough. [Yoon Jung Yun] Keep reading »

Not Your Grandmother’s Cameos

I’ve always associated cameos with my grandmother, probably because they seem so old school and elegant, but Jennifer Kellogg is bringing the carved jewelry into the raunchy 21st century with her Kinky Cameo Collection. Typically, cameos feature profiles of women; Kellogg’s versions show a woman licking a lollipop rather sexually. While they’re certainly not fit for my grandma, the craftsmanship is still there. Each is hand carved using carnelion and sardonyx seashells — and, as we all know, it’s all about your technique. [via Refinery29] Keep reading »

Engagement Rings For Hard Times

Valentine’s Day is the second-biggest time of year for wedding proposals, but the average amount spent on an engagement ring is expected to drop 9.8 percent this year, down to $2,900. Well, hard times don’t have to mean forgoing a ring altogether. Whether you want a real (but tiny) diamond, or something that looks like a diamond, you have options, even if you or your love are just scraping by. Remember, it’s not about the ring, well, unless you’re a Diamond Digger. Keep reading »

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