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His & Her Jewelry: Cute Or Sick?

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I took a long weekend together to get a bit of a vacation and do the tourist thing. While taking a stroll, we stopped at a corny street vendor. I squealed with surprise while browsing a rack of name bracelets—the seller happened to have both of our fairly obscure names. In a cute and slightly jokey move, we bought both of the unisex leather styles. I put the one with his name on my wrist, and him vice-versa. Of course, I show this to my girlfriends and they go, “Awww.” His friends catch him with the accessory, and he gets put through the mill of dude shame. Yet, somehow, we’re both wearing our bracelets, now normal outfit staples.

Do you think getting matchy-matchy jewelry with your guy is too much? (Maybe you’re of the school that prohibits all man jewelry, no matter how masculine?) Or is a cute and kitschy way to express your love? Sound off in the comments below! Keep reading »

8 Rules For Choosing Between Real And Costume Jewelry

If given the choice between shoes, jewelry, or purses, I will always choose jewelry. Jewelry is the epitome of self-expression, the perfect gift, and the little objects to which we attach so much meaning. An engagement ring, a locket, or a charm bracelet represent so much more than just the precious metal or diamond (although the sparkle doesn’t hurt the eye) it’s made of. However, price tags often get in the way of my jewelry fetish. How do I know if it’s worth it to spend $58 on a brass and rhinestone necklace that could be $35 cheaper somewhere else or even something I could make myself? Here are a few rules to help you determine if that colorful jewelry piece is worth the price. Keep reading »

Alex And Ani’s Charm Bracelet Is Basstastic!

This last season of “Gossip Girl” felt a bit like a hookup without an orgasm. As in, you got psyched up for it, but went home completely frustrated (last time we checked, a “plot twist” wasn’t something completely predictable, or a coupling some writers pulled out of a hat). One of our biggest gripes: where was Chuck Bass’s bangin’ wardrobe? We used to shriek with glee every time the smooth-voiced boy showed up in an orange trench coat or a purple velvet suit. Somehow, jewelry company Alex and Ani manages to make up for it all with this gold Chuck Bass charm bracelet. How could you not get off after seeing that blingy charm sporting the Hotel heir’s name? We’d wear this with pride, Chuck, because we’ll totally take you back. Unlike some headband-wearing brunettes we know. Best of all, at $29, this accessory doesn’t come with “Gossip Girl” prices. [Bluefly] Keep reading »

A Necklace For The Bookish Types

The bookhanger necklace: so much better than a name tag. Although if you did have one, it would read: Dorkus Malorkus. [Racked] Keep reading »

Share The Love With A Friendship Bracelet

How do you express the bond you feel with your BFF? Give her the adult version of a friendship bracelet. You each get one of these gold-plated Gorjana friendship bracelets with dangling hearts to show your mutual love. But if you’re not in a giving mood, then wear ‘em both until you find a worthy friend.

[$68.00 Shopbop.com]

Your Index Finger Never Looked So Macabre

We love adorning our fingers with nail polish and rings, but never have we thought of wearing a fake fingertip. Maybe jewelry designer Cornelia Webb was trying to make this piece as fashionable as eye patches once were, but thinking of all the ways a person could have her fingertip chopped off is a macabre daydream we don’t want to have. Plus, think of how easy it would be to lose this piece of jewelry. [I'm Revolting] Keep reading »

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