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Bring Some Bugs To Your Picnic

Nothing puts a damper on a day in the park like ants crawling into your picnic basket. Gross. I shudder at the thought of mosquitoes, crickets, and wasps. Ugh, they’re icky! And I’m quick to kill ‘em (sorry, animal lovers), but insects give me the heebie jeebies. Now, however, there’s a better way to have bugs at your picnic or garden party. After the jump, check out cute ways to let insects infest your wardrobe. Keep reading »

10 Items In My Closet I Don’t Regret Buying At All

Juicy Couture Cocktail Rings Know What’s Up

There’s something to be said for elegant jewelry that does the whole whispering instead of screaming thing. But there’s also something to be said for screwing that method and getting really, really gaudy with your accessories. Cue Juicy Couture cocktail rings. They’re huge, shiny, and far cooler than the velour track suits of yore. Subtlety, as it turns out, is not for everyone.

[$88.00 Net-A-Porter.com]

A Ring That Whispers Instead Of Yells

We’re forever on the lookout for costume jewelry that says a little something without being a full-on statement piece. As it turns out, though, the middle ground isn’t as easy to find as one would hope. This pretty little domed ring is a slap in the face to all things over-sparkly and totally boring; it’s not your standard plain band, but it also won’t blind you with shine. We like.

[$32.00 Shopbop.com]

Non-New Agey Crystal Jewelry

Combine the words “amethyst crystals” and “jewelry,” and we can already smell the burning sage wafting through the air. Not so with the goodies from Stone & Honey. We’re seriously crushing on the indie design studio’s crystal point rings, which feature rectangular points of natural stones like amethyst, titanium, black quartz, and aqua quartz. Playing off the gem’s natural shape and using a simple silver rivet ring, the design is about as raw and straightforward as you can get. Unlike those healing crystals you bought in the Wicca shop back in 2002.

[$73.00 Stone & Honey]

His & Her Jewelry: Cute Or Sick?

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I took a long weekend together to get a bit of a vacation and do the tourist thing. While taking a stroll, we stopped at a corny street vendor. I squealed with surprise while browsing a rack of name bracelets—the seller happened to have both of our fairly obscure names. In a cute and slightly jokey move, we bought both of the unisex leather styles. I put the one with his name on my wrist, and him vice-versa. Of course, I show this to my girlfriends and they go, “Awww.” His friends catch him with the accessory, and he gets put through the mill of dude shame. Yet, somehow, we’re both wearing our bracelets, now normal outfit staples.

Do you think getting matchy-matchy jewelry with your guy is too much? (Maybe you’re of the school that prohibits all man jewelry, no matter how masculine?) Or is a cute and kitschy way to express your love? Sound off in the comments below! Keep reading »

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