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Rachael Ray As Jessica Rabbit

One of the costumes I was considering this Halloween: Jessica Rabbit. Too bad Rachael Ray beat me to it, dressing as the sexy lounge singer from the classic “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” while her hubby dressed as Roger. They donned the costumes for Rachael’s Halloween special, which will be shot and aired in 3-D. What do you think—is this look cute, or will it make little kids run and scream? [PopEater] Keep reading »

Great Grandma Spends $16K On Surgery To Look Like Jessica Rabbit

Is plastic surgery addiction contagious? British great grandma Annette Edwards, 57, has been obsessed with Jessica Rabbit ever since “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” came out. Recently, she went on a stringent diet, got her boobs lifted, opted for cheek and chin implants, bought a red wig, and invested in red sequin dress—all to look like her favorite character. In the end, she spent $16,000 on the transformation. Check Annette out in the clip above from a British morning show this week, and try not to get depressed at the part where she says she can’t stand up after injuring her back. “I just love being Jessica,” she says before explaining that she’s done this to “inspire mature women.” Also, very oddly, Annette is into breeding rabbits and brought one of her record holder bunnies on the show with her. Totally normal. [Asylum] Keep reading »

‘Toon Sex

Some people dress up to enhance their sex lives, while others take it to the extreme. Over in England, Tallulah, 23, dons a white dress and red heels to channel Betty Boop for her boyfriend, and Ila, 28, dresses up like Daphne from Scooby Doo, orange wig and all. Lauren, 27, had a boob job, got a chin and lip implants, dyes her hair red, and wears green contacts to look like Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. Honestly, we don’t understand how a chin implant could enhance your sex life. [The Sun (U.K.)] Keep reading »

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