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Jessica Alba On Kissing Your Kids On The Lips: “People Allow Dogs To Lick At Their Mouths”

In a teaser for Jessica Alba’s Redbook cover interview, the magazine shared a “sneak peak” at a few of the star’s juiciest quotes. Spoiler alert: they’re not the least bit juicy.

In her interview, the actress tackles the hot-button issue of parent/child kissing. Jessica is passionate in her belief that parents should kiss their children on the mouth because “people allow dogs to lick at their mouths.”

While I’m not particularly offended by parents kissing their kids on the lips (except in the Stephanie Seymour kind of way, like when they’re adults), I’m not sure that “people allow dogs to lick at their mouths” really sells me on the whole thing. Because … are you French kissing your kids or is this just a mwah on the mouth. There is a difference. The difference is TONGUE. Keep reading »

Style Stealer (Plus!): Jessica Alba’s White Lace Swing Dress

Style Stealer (Plus!): Jessica Alba's White Lace Swing Dress

White lace is a deceptive fabric. It kind of wants you to think it should only be worn during the warmer months, with sandals and bare legs and a tan. And it should be worn then, but you can totally also wear white lace in winter, with the addition of one very important piece — BLACK TIGHTS. Black tights help white lace come out of winter hibernation — just look at how chic Jessica Alba looks in this Victorian-inspired white lace swing dress, her vibe further winterized with a deep plum lip and long sleeves. Here’s how plus-size women can replicate her look… Keep reading »

Style Stealer: Jessica Alba’s Fierce Tiger Sweatshirt & Leather Midi

Style Stealer: Jessica Alba's Fierce Tiger Sweatshirt & Leather Midi

I think I’ve made it pretty clear that one of my favorite recent trends has been the rise of the “fancy” sweatshirt, i.e. sweatshirts that are dressed/femmed up with statement necklaces, skirts and high heels. I am always psyched when a loungewear staple becomes suitable for work. One of the designers responsible for this trend is Kenzo, which makes the sweatshirt Jessica Alba is wearing above. Now, that fancy sweatshirt requires a fancy wallet with a whole lotta bills in it — seriously, Kenzo sweatshirts are over $300! — but luckily, the trend is so pervasive that I was able to find much more affordable tiger pullover, along with a faux leather skirt, statement necklace and sky-high hooties to complete the look. Get the details after the jump! Keep reading »

Style Stealer: Jessica Alba Wears Three Trends At Once

Style Stealer: Jessica Alba Wears Three Trends At Once
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How to rock wedge sneakers like a boss. Read More »

Jessica Alba + plaid + leopard print + moto jacket = my casual outfit wet dream. Sorry, was that a gross description? Whatever. Find out how to steal her look after the jump! Keep reading »

Style Stealer: Jessica Alba Makes Menswear Femme

Style Stealer: Jessica Alba Makes Menswear Femme

Truthfully, I could do a Style Stealer on Jessica Alba every damn day, that’s how good her street style is (and how often she’s photographed by the paps), but I restrain myself. Today, I could not. I love how hot she makes a fully buttoned white blouse, skinny jeans, and an oversized blazer. The jacket may be roomy, but everything else is formfitting. Sexy doesn’t mean you have to show skin. This is how you do casual menswear, ladies.
Keep reading »

Street Style Star Of The Week: Jessica Alba

There was once a time where Jessica Alba was known for being an actress. At least I think there was, because “actress” is at the top of her resume. The truth is, Alba has become faaaaar better known to me for her seriously covetable style, particularly the outfits she puts together for those regular ol’ days where she’s juggling her dual roles as an actress and mom of two. Never was her approach to street style on such perfect display than this week, when Alba was in NYC for Fashion Week. As she bounced around town, shopping in Soho, attending runway shows at Lincoln Center, and taking her kids to the park, Jessica looked comfortable (for the most part), cool and soooo sartorially inspiring. Click on through to see 11 – eleven! – looks from Jessica Alba’s street style week in NYC!

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