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Sebastian the crab was right: it is better down where it’s wetter. More »


Perhaps someone’s a little salty about no longer being on the show hmmmmmmm? More »

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At least she’s funny while she’s bragging about seeing Jason Momoa’s ween. More »

I can think of some fur Jason Momoa is more than welcome to trap. More »


Comic book fans will kill me for saying this, but you know how Aquaman started out kind of lame? I’m gonna go ahead and blame that on the image. I… More »

Dumb Dude Challenges “Game Of Thrones”‘ Khal Drogo To The Slap Game
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I’m not sure what this dude was thinking, challenging Jason Momoa — best known to nerds for playing smokin’ hot Dothraki Khal Drogo on “Game of Thrones” — to the… More »