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Jason Castro Jah-Rastafari’s Himself Right Out Of Our Hearts

Dear, sweet, sexy Jason Castro. I should have known you’d pick a Bob Marley song to sing during Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame week on American Idol. And I love Bob! I do! And I commend you for picking such a bad ass, revolutionary song as “I Shot The Sheriff”. But with your hair, and your style, the chances of this performance tredding into terrible immitation territory were too great. Why did you have to do those horrible dancing in place moves that remind me of the drum circles out in the quad during college? Why did you have to give the song that “Whoopee! I shot the sheriff and it was AWESOME!”-giddyness that was totally lacking in the original? He shot the sheriff, dude, but he did not shoot the deputy, and seriously, it was not all fun and games. And neither was your performance. David Cook sang The Who’s “Baba O’Reilly” and it wasn’t as blasphemous. Be on your way, lovely Jason, I guess we’ll know tonight who was right in our poll. Keep reading »

Poll: Which One Of These Things Will End First?

So, Indiana and North Carolina are voting for the Democratic nominee as we speak and something tells me, this race isn’t going to end tonight. It got me thinking about the things that could potentially happen first. What do you think? Keep reading »

Paula Gets A Lil’ Confused On American Idol

Last night’s American Idol was fun, and not because the final five all sang songs by the king of karaoke, Neil Diamond. No, last night was fun because it featured the return of crazy, confused Paula Abdul. I’ve missed her this season! Keep reading »

God, We Love That Dirty Little Hippie Jason Castro

David Archuleta and his fake sheepishness is annoying and David Cook and his hair and the judge-worship he inspires makes us wanna barf, but goodness that lil’ dreadlocked, puka-shell wearing hottie Jason Castro makes our loins sing. Last night the American Idol contestants had to sing Mariah Carey songs, which should be tough for everyone, especially the boys. But it wasn’t tough for Jason, who broke out his guitar and strummed his way through a luau-inspired version of “I Don’t Want To Cry”. He is honestly making me reconsider my position on white-ish people with dreads. Swear to God. [American Idol] Keep reading »

The Next-To-Last Hot Guy Got Voted Off American Idol

Jason Castro, you’re the only one left representin’ hot dudes who can sing cheesy songs about love and faith and dreams. [AmericanIdol.com] Keep reading »

Poll: Dating Guys With Long Tresses

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