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Wanna Bang Porn Star James Deen? Here’s Your Chance!

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Wanna Bang Porn Star James Deen? Here's Your Chance!

Have you dreamed about having porn star James Deen make sweet, sweet love to you? Okay, maybe not sweet, sweet love. Have you dreamed about having porn star James Deen rail you from behind until your body explodes in a serious of earth-shaking orgasms? Well, stop dreaming and make it a reality, by applying for the honor of being fucked by the most famous male porn star of the moment. Deen apparently gets so many emails from women wanting to hear his sex growl in action that he’s created a section on his website (very NSFW) for them to actually apply to become one of his many sex partners. Of course, there’s a catch: you need to be willing to do the deed on camera. What, you thought this was a private affair? Please. And don’t think of this as a contest — this is essentially a casting call for wannabe porn stars who would like the privilege of doing their first scene with a master. So this is how Farrah Abraham got the gig, I assume? Anyway, I love James Deen, don’t get me wrong, but I’m a Manuel Ferrara girl. I wonder if he’d be less insistent on the whole “on-camera” thing… [Uproxx]

James Deen Debunks The Myth Of “Porn For Women”

James Deen's Performance
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James Deen Debunks The Myth Of "Porn For Women"

“My theory on porn for women is it’s just porn. Why is there porn explicitly only for women? By saying there needs to be porn for women, you’re basically isolating women as a gender, and saying, ‘This is how women should think. This is how their sexuality should be.’ It’s counterproductive (from what I understand) to the equality movement. Who says that one woman’s take on sexuality is the right way to think? One woman might like to watch a film with high production value and beautiful sex. Another might like some BDSM things with beating, degradation — and it doesn’t mean either is right or wrong. Pornography is made for individuals to find what they enjoy, and what turns them on. There’s no market research on this because sexuality is always developing, growing, and evolving. You could talk to a million people about what they like in porn, and you’re going to get a million answers of what a million people like in porn at that moment.”

– James Deen proves once again why he is the Ryan Gosling of porn. Between this statement and his food show, he’s got me. You can here more about how seriously he takes his sexual performance (for our pleasure) and how intent he is on embracing human sexuality in this interview with Refinery29. [Refinery 29]

A Fair And Honest Assessment Of James Deen’s Performance In “The Canyons” (By James Deen)

Lilo's "Canyons" Review
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farrah abraham james deen porn
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On his website, James Deen Blog: Boobs, Buttholes, Burritos (fantastic name, by the way, also NSFW), the multi-talented porn star took a moment to pen an honest review of his performance in “The Canyons” after attending the premiere. Well, kind of. He had planned to watch the movie once, surrounded by a crowd, and then, never watch it again. But after 30 seconds, he ran to the back of the theater to hang out with director Paul Schrader and producer Braxton Pope. From the glimpses he caught (because it was awkward to watch himself), he managed to eek out a critique on his performance. Keep reading »

Review Roundup: Critics Are Split On Whether Lindsay Lohan’s Soft Core Porn Flick “The Canyons” Is A Masterpiece Or A Disaster

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lindsay lohan in the canyons
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"The Canyons"
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In Review: Critics Are Split On Whether Lindsay Lohan’s Soft Core Porn Flick “The Canyons” Is A Masterpiece Or A Disaster

Lindsay Lohan and James Deen’s much anticipated Bret Easton Ellis-penned “The Canyons” finally opens in theaters — and is available on iTunes — today! Lohan goes topless and participates in an orgy for the film — check out the NSFW version of the photo above here — which is surely enough to get some people’s pervy behinds to the theater, but is it really worth seeing? The critics are mixed in their reactions, to put it mildly. Let’s review the reviews, shall we? And then share whether the film is on your must see list in the comments! Keep reading »

Justin Bieber Had A Threesome? Plus, James Deen Gets Down And Dirty With His Favorite Foods

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  • James Deen gets intimate with food in a new web series. Meaning, he eats it. What were you thinking? [iVillage]
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The Official Trailer For “The Canyons” Is As WTF As We Expected

"The Canyons"
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Meet James Deen
James Deen photo
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James And Lilo In Bed
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trailer park
lindsay lohan in the canyons
Oh, Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay

We all agree that “The Canyons” is going to be just the worst, right? I mean, Lindsay Lohan can’t act anymore (or communicate with regular humans), James Deen acts in questionable pornographic films with “Teen Mom”s  but gives us little reason to be interested in him as an artiste, and Bret Easton Ellis, who wrote the script, is a pompous windbag who offends gays every time he tweets. Every single teaser trailer that has been released has been more faux-hipster-artsy than the last. Finally they’ve released the official, full-length trailer and by God, does it confirm every expectation we have about this film. And yet … I know I’ll end up seeing “The Canyons.” But I don’t know why.

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