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Quick Vid: J.Crew’s Charming Fall 2010 Collection

Stripes, dreamy French pop, a cute girl with no pants, J.Crew—what’s not to love? This short video lookbook for J.Crew’s fall collection is just enough to make you smile … and to jump-start your style inspiration for next season. [YouTube] Keep reading »

Why Is J. Crew’s New Laptop Case So Cute (And So Expensive)?

J. Crew has come out with this chic 15-inch laptop case, which you’ll actually find in the men’s section. Channeling that classic prepster style, the zippered sheath shows off a tan leather border with a choice of red, navy, or black for a main color. Unfortunately, the tech accessory doesn’t quite bring the J. Crew prices you’re used to—at $285 each, the cost seems uncharacteristically high. So, why? For starters, the goods are a collaboration with a Montreal-based luxury label called Want Les Essentiels de la Vie, but also the chosen materials sound ultra-fancy. The bag uses “the finest” 100-percent certified organic Turkish cotton, sustainably produced leather from Norway, brass hardware, and is reinforced with Teflon fiber.

So maybe you’re paying for what you get, but in the meantime we’ll be stalking the J. Crew sales before paying full price (please put these on sale, please!). [$285, J. Crew] Keep reading »

Let’s Hear It For The Boys (Wear)

Boys have all the fun. Their daily alcohol limit is three units (ours is two) and they get to pee standing up. And now, fashion is playing on the boys’ team, too! Kitsuné’s new collection has a total schoolboy vibe, the Olsens are about to debut a menswear line (and Ashley just did a menswear-clad photoshoot for V magazine), and Rihanna’s been sporting tuxedos on the red carpet. It seems everyone has gone boy crazy, so here’s how to rock the look. Keep reading »

J. Crew, I Love You

I firmly believe the key to a successful catalog is the ability to transport the readers/shopper into another world where, with the aid of the clothing the catalog sells, they can be as freaking fabulous as they want to be. J. Crew makes me feel this way and I know I’m being a mindless consumer for saying so. Unlike the piles of catalogs that come from West Elm and Crate & Barrel (um, how yuppie am I?), I don’t even get annoyed when I get my third J. Crew catalog of the month! I see its arrival as an excuse to take a little reprieve from my day, to go on a trip to Italy, where I’m wearing a Bright Flame Gayle Ruffle Trench slurping on pasta with my man, Lady & The Tramp-style. Or maybe I’m sight-seeing on a lovely Spring day, hitting the cobble stone streets of Florence in a pair of Bistro Orange-colored Twyla Midheel Slingbacks. Luckily, time doesn’t exist in J. Crew fantasy land, so even though I should really be getting back to work in the real world, there’s still plenty of hours left in the day to walk through the Duomo in a Verushka Print Dress. Unfortunately, the one thing that does exist in both J. Crew Fantasy Land and The Real World, is the prices. J. Crew, I’m just not so sure you’re a fantasy worth going broke for. [J. Crew] Keep reading »

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