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Women in combat, frats being fratty(terrible) and so much more. READ MORE »


I’m 29 going on 102, or at least that’s how I felt yesterday when I had to ask our 19-year-old editorial assistant who Riff Raff is. (I thought he was a character in “Grease.” Apparently I am mistaken.) So I don’t really know that most of the images in this poster of Internet memes are… READ MORE »


Move over Zack Galifianakis, there’s a new bikini-clad beauty in town! “Vintage pinups are the pinnacle of art. Robert Downey Jr. is the pinnacle of sexy. It’s not rocket science,” says the internet meme genius/photoshop whiz who made this pic possible. Oh RDJ, we love it when you play coy! For more pics of Downey… READ MORE »