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An Inner Monologue While Watching The Olympics At A Sports Bar And Eating Parmesan Garlic Fries

An Inner Monologue While Watching The Olympics At A Sports Bar

I feel that the Olympics are best viewed while eating greasy foods and questioning the life choices that kept you from being an Olympian, which is why I’m now at a sports bar eating parmesan garlic fries. I rarely go to sports bars or eat fries in my normal life, but this is a special occasion. It’s my duty to my country. I wonder how these fries would taste dipped in mayonnaise. Oh my God. So good. I can’t believe I used to judge the mayo fry kids in elementary school. Those kids knew what was up.

Yay! Commercials are finally over and we’re back to the games. Ooh it’s the bumpy skiing race! I know it has a different, more official-sounding name, but I don’t even really want to know it. “Bumpy skiiing race” sums it up so nicely. Keep reading »

An Inner Monologue While Coughing All Night

I have barely coughed at all today, which means I’m almost done with this horrific cold, which means it shouldn’t be a big deal that I forgot to buy cough medicine and now all the stores are closed. I’m just going to lie down and fall right to sleep and wake up totally refreshed.


No. No, no, no, no, no, no, noooooo. Keep reading »

An Inner Monologue While Cramming For A Final

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College student cramming for a final

OK, I’ve waited til the last possible minute to start studying, but I think I should still be good. I mean, yeah, I could have started studying yesterday, or the day before, or anytime really in the past three months, but helllooooo, there were parties to attend and volleyball to play and late night cookies to bake and 5 seasons of “Breaking Bad” to rewatch. These things are also an important part of my college experience. It’s not like I can just study all the time. Sometimes I feel like my professors don’t understand the school/life balance.

Anyway, now it’s time to crack the books and ace this thing. Keep reading »

An Inner Monologue While Working At A FitDesk

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We have had the good fortune to test out a FitDesk here at Frisky HQ and I have decided to give you an honest account of my experience working on it. As I write this piece, I promise to pedal the entire without stopping for at least 20 minutes, without censoring myself whatsoever as to authentically capture the experience. When I posted a new picture of Amelia at the FitDesk on my Instagram feed, my friend, also a writer, commented that this is “the kind of thing I long for.” Actually, me too. My favorite thing to do since becoming a writer is to complain about how my neck and shoulders hurt all the time and whine about how my life would be better if I could exercise more like I did when I was underemployed. (Not that I want to go back to being underemployed. That sucked. I love what I do, just hate the neck pain.) I try to mitigate the neck and shoulder discomfort with daily stretches, regular yoga, forced shoulder rubs from my boyfriend, but by noon everyday, my neck is hurting like a mofo again. Everyone’s like, your desk just isn’t set up right. You need to consider the ergonomics. And I’m like, fuck it. I have work to do. I’d rather just complain about it, thank you very much. Keep reading »

An Inner Monologue For Every At-Home Manicure I’ve Ever Done

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The scene: 8:30 p.m pretty much every Tuesday, my living room.

Alright, I’ve got my glass of wine poured, yoga pants on, “Parks & Rec” cued up on Netflix, and a brand new bottle of oxblood nail polish. Oxblood is so in right now. Obviously. I’m pampering myself and saving money in the process! My life is awesome.┬áMaybe when I’m done I’ll take a picture of my perfectly manicured hand holding the bottle of oxblood nail polish and post it on Pinterest. Yes, I will definitely do that. Keep reading »

An Inner Monologue During My First Spin Class In … Let’s Just Say Many, Many Months

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Alright. Back in the saddle. Literally. It’s been how long? Shudder. Let’s not go there. I’m turning a new leaf. Ew, that sounds like a cheesy ladymag article. Let’s just call it what it is: I’m out of shape and suddenly have a desire to live longer. Exercise is the key to hotness and longevity.

Class getting started. Nice Girl Talk mashup, Instructor Lady. Feeling pumped. OK, time to increase the speed and what? There are definitely parts of my body jiggling that did not jiggle before when I used to do this. I have Bridget Jones “wobbly bits.” They used to not wobble! Wait, stop thinking like that. Think positive. Now is the time to clear my mind. Cleeeaaarrr. Caaaaaalm. Breathe Keep reading »

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