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Handerpants: Product You Didn’t Know You Desperately Needed

Move over Snuggie, there’s a new infomercial sensation in town, and according to this sales pitch, it’s highly recommended for hobos, ninjas with delicate hands, Twitterers and “Night Bloggers” like us. Anyway, we’ll just go ahead and let these “Underpants For Your Hands” speak for themselves. Also, you can order them here, for real. [Gizmodo] Keep reading »

10 Ingenious Infomercial Products

Infomercials provide plenty of comedic fodder, but some products, like the Snuggie and Strap Perfect can actually make your life better! And they’re not the only useful infomercial products. After the jump, check out our picks for infomercial products we might buy, and not just during a 3 a.m. shopping spree. Keep reading »

Products We Should Have Thought Of: Strap Perfect

A lot of infomercials market products that are totally ridiculous — for example, the Snuggie — but this one is actually something that has Catherine and I saying, “Why didn’t we think of that?” Strap Perfect helps hide pesky exposed bra straps! With something that basically amounts to a flat, round, plastic paperclip! [StrapPerfect.com] Keep reading »

The Snuggie: The Perfect Winter Onesie

Currently, my most favorite infomercial is for the Snuggie which is basically an adult (well, they make ‘em for children too) onesie. According to the infomercial, it’s perfect for wearing around the house and to outdoor winter sports games. It is literally the most heinous and stupid thing you could ever wear, but I have to admit it looks comfy. I would take mine up a notch with some Uggs. Keep reading »

Stupid Product Alert: Tape Yourself Slim!

Does your arm skin jiggle every time you wave hello? How about your thighs? Do they wobble with every step you take? Well, “now you can wear short sleeves [and shorts] again!” Thankfully, the make-a-quick-buck powers-that-be have invented Slim Tape. Supposedly this $10 product works like magic, but really it’s rather simple. You basically adhere the tape to your arm skin and then pull up the other flap of tape and adhere it to the top side of your arm. For the thighs, you adhere one flap of tape to the middle of the thigh. Then pull up the other flap of tape and adhere it to your upper thigh. And presto! You’ve got “younger looking” skin. Plus the tape is reusable. The taped side of arm skin is never shown in the commercial. I think the makers realized a flaw in this product’s purpose because it would be even more embarrassing to actually wear short sleeves if the Slim Tape is visible. Although my mom intends on purchasing this, I don’t think this product is really necessary. Jiggly arm skin seems to happen to most women no matter how much iron we pump. So I think we should just get over it. Keep reading »

Infomercials From The Past: The Rejuvenator!

Manufacturers believe women will do anything to be young and beautiful — like wear the most terrifyingly Halloween-esque mask with electrode stimulators to “rejuvenate” themselves. Luckily Ghoul Skool from EverythingIsTerrible.com sees the beauty in every woman and has a sense of humor to match this rare vintage video gem he edited from the original infomercial. So, when you’re feeling fugs, just watch this clip and save yourself the “three easy installments of $29.95!”

Keep reading »

My Feet No Longer Make Me Feel Ashamed: Why I Love The Ped-Egg

I have a bit of a foot problem. For whatever reason, despite fairly frequent pedicures, especially during the winter months (which I pay for less out of vanity and more because I friggin’ lovvvvve a salon massage chair [that does the kneeding NOT the vibrating, FYI]), my feet, while perfectly shaped (fact), are so dry, they peel. Maybe it’s because I under moisturize them, but then again, the only place I moisturize is my face, because I am low maintenance. Couple this natural dry peeling with my OCD, and you’ve got many wasted hours sitting in front of the TV, peeling off bits of my foot skin. I know this is disgusting, but there is a point to the madness of this post. I have just discovered the Ped-Egg and I am forever changed. Should they desire my services I would become their version of Jessica Simpson for Pro-Active. For serious. Keep reading »

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