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Italian Vogue Says “Be Yourself,” Just Make Sure You Look Like This

This month’s Italian Vogue came out emblazoned with an all-caps rallying cry for all the “individuals” out there. Oddball models Jamie Bochert and Agyness Deyn pose poutily on either side of crazy-dressing heiress Daphne Guinness and for a second we were a bit heartened. Daphne isn’t even a model! There’s a cowboy hat involved! Yes, we see some thigh and midriff, but everyone’s relatively clothed! Oh, but wait: all three have matching dark brown hair and are roughly the size of a twig. Couple this new, pseudo-unique Italian Vogue cover with the naked LOVE mag images — which claimed to be all about showing different sized beautiful people but featured only tall, thin models — floating around the net lately and it looks like we have an icky trend on our hands: Magazines are simply jumping on the individuality bandwagon without actually committing to the ideology.
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