Donald Trump presents “angel moms” to demonize undocumented immigrants

Trump bringing out the “angel moms” sharply contrasts Clinton standing with Black Lives Matter’s “Mothers of the Movement” at the DNC in July. More »

America’s Undocumented Immigrants Make Their Voices Heard Online

Undocumented immigrants are tweeting and blogging to share their stories with the public and connect with other undocumented Americans. More »

Now Donald Trump Wants To “Track” Immigrants, Because A Wall Alone Won’t Do The Trick

This is not going anywhere good. More »

Here’s What The Supreme Court’s Tie Means For Undocumented Immigrants

It’s not a step forward to protect the rights of millions of peaceful, hard-working Americans, but it’s not going to change the current way of things too much either. More »

The Supreme Court Will Rule On These 3 Controversial Issues Very Soon

What with the crazy dialogues surrounding racial injustice, immigration, and women’s rights throughout the Supreme Court’s wild 2015-2016 term, all eyes are on three cases in particular. More »

Hillary Clinton’s Hugely Questionable Immigration Stance Could End Up Being Her Undoing

Clinton’s sudden pro-immigrant statements are motivated by political gain rather than a belief in any sort of common humanity. That went out the window when the nerve gas shipped. More »

A Worker Put A Mexican Flag On The Vancouver Trump Tower As A Statement

His Facebook post immediately went viral, with large support from the immigrant community at large as well as Americans and Canadians who equally disdain Trump’s bigotry. More »

Mexico Responds To Trump: “Under No Circumstance” Will Mexico Pay For A Border Wall

Well, duh. More »

Pope Francis Calls Trump “Not Christian,” Says Birth Control May Be OK In Zika-Affected Regions

Pope Francis wrapped up his tour of Mexico today, holding a mass in Juarez and specifically remembering victims of “forced migration,” including women who have been”unjustly robbed of their lives.” Francis said that migrants “are the brothers and sisters of those expelled by poverty and violence, by drug trafficking and criminal organizations.” More »

America’s Gay Immigration Bans: A Brief History

One-third of Trump supporters, and one-fifth of the Republican base overall, said that they would ban gays from entering the U.S. in a recent poll. More »

Texas Wants To Label Horrific Family Detention Centers As “Child Care” Centers

Keep getting in trouble for keeping children in prison-like conditions? Just call them “child care centers!” More »

Norway Teaches Refugees About Sexual Violence: Why Not Teach Everyone?

For the first two years of this program, the Norwegian government funded the cost of interpreters for these sessions and is currently reviewing the programs to see if the success and overall feedback merits further funding. More »

Jeb! Bush Does Not Remember Last Week When He Only Wanted To Admit Christian Refugees

Jeb Bush has no business positioning himself as more rational than Trump. More »

Donald Trump Calls For A Ban On All Muslims Entering The United States

Donald Trump is an awful bigot. More »

Donald Trump Is A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Person

Yesterday, in an interview after a campaign stop in Newton, Iowa, Presidential candidate and shimmering pile of 24-karat gold-plated feces Donald Trump stated that he would “certainly, definitely” implement a database tracking system for Muslims. In an interview with Yahoo News, when asked if he would rule out something like special ID badges to indicate… More »

Trump’s Model For His Deportation Plan Was Called “Operation Wetback”

Shockingly, it was a human rights disaster. More »

Donald Trump Says He Totally Would Have Prevented 9/11 If He Were President

That is probably not the case. More »

The Demographics Of Immigration Are Changing While Trump Moves Backward

The Pew Research Center did a 50-year analysis of immigration trends, and it turns out that immigrants from Asia will outnumber immigrants from Latin America within the next 50 years.

The report, “Modern Immigration Wave Brings 59 Million to U.S., Driving Population Growth and Change Through 2065,” follows upMore »

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