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Have Bad Skin? Brush Your Stomach

When I went for a facial at Ildi Pekar last week, my aesthetician took one look at my skin and said, “You have stomach problems, don’t you?” Astounded, I was unsure as to whether this spa was just really thorough and had been spying on me for a week prior, or if she was psychic. “Oh, you know, kind of…” I replied, a bit too embarrassed to go into detail about WW III that goes on in my stomach on a daily basis (for the past ten years). She continued to tell me that people who suffer from constipation and improper digestion tend to display acne due to a lack of hydrochloric acid, which stalls the destruction of bacteria. I expected her to then tell me what doctors have been pushing on me for ages—eat whole grains, drink water, fiber, fiber, blah, blah. But then she explained that what I should be doing is brushing my stomach. Excuse me? Suggesting a body brush, which women often use to try to get rid of cellulite, you’re supposed to stroke the paddle in a large counterclockwise circle, about 12 times, once a day, to aid digestion. Weird? Yes. But if it’s a peace offering that may end WW III, I’m willing to give it a try. [$6, Nens Natural Body Brush, Bebeautiful.com] Keep reading »

Magnetic Attraction Makes For Good Dating … And Skin Care?

When it comes to facials, our interests have run the gamut from bird poop to beer. Yet, most of these treatments seem more salable on their weirdness factor than their efficacy. The latest to cross our paths is the “Iron Mask” facial offered by Ildi Pekar Skin Care in New York City, that incorporates magnets to suck dirt out of your pores. The intriguing process might be the best facial we’ve ever had.

The treatment gets complicated with about a dozen products applied to your face in a one-hour period (including a variety of essential oils, lotions, and tonics), but the crux of the experience is the maschera al ferro, a pure iron mask that’s massaged into your skin. It feels surprisingly rich and smooth. The facialist then takes a magnet to the material, which removes the iron particles because of the opposite charge, extracting dirt and dead skin with it. You can actually look at the magnet afterward to see the waste, which you may find gross, but we found astounding. The best part is that there’s very little extraction, which in normal facials, can leave you red for days. Meaning you can go out the same night, and have luck with attraction of your own. [Ildipekar.com] Keep reading »

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