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The Beyonce Spoofs Continue

There were plenty of interpretations of Beyonce’s song “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It),” so it’s nice that “If I Were A Boy” is finally getting some parody love. In this video, Pinocchio ponders what it would be like to be a real boy. Keep reading »

Beyonce: Fashion-Forward Robot

At last night’s MTV Europe Music Awards in Liverpool, U.K., Beyonce’s alter-ego, Sasha Fierce, performed her song “If I Were A Boy” in a Gareth Pugh dress. Look closely, and you’ll notice that her left hand has some sort of robotic-looking metal covering on it. [I once saw a porn where the chick was wearing something very similar on her hand and it seemed kind of dangerous. -- Editor] While I certainly have no place to wear an outfit like this, it seems rather appropriate for an MTV awards show, and the dress is actually quite flattering on Beyonce’s curvy figure. I don’t think the outfit went well with the performance though. The song is slow and ballad-like, and when she stepped onstage wearing this futuristic ensemble, I was expecting a crazy techno version of it. Watch the video of her performance after the jump… Keep reading »

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