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Meet Glory, The Woman Who Wrote The Most Epic, Beyonce-Inspired “I Quit” Email You’ll Ever Read

Meet Glory, The Woman Who Wrote The Most Infamous, Beyonce-Inspired "I Quit" Email You'll Ever Read

“I was just living my truth at that moment. I pressed send and I felt so free,” said Glory, the woman who wrote an “I quit” email that puts Jerry Maguire to shame. On November 6th, the former associate editor  at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), gave her notice with a no bullshit, hashtag-staurated, advice-giving, Beyonce worshipping missive that we’ve all dreamed of writing at some point in our lives (but would never have the balls to). Glory did a follow-up interview with Noir CPA that you can listen to here. She says while she’s received a lot of thank yous and accolades on social media, she’s been most shocked by all the racist reactions to her now infamous “I quit” email. When asked if she regrets pushing send, she responded:

“Contrary to public opinion,I didn’t have any emotional attachment to this email. I wasn’t mad or sad. I wasn’t in the moment writing this email. I had been planning to quit since I started…I didn’t quit because of a team, I quit because I genuinely hated the job…No, I don’t have any regrets.”

You can read Glory’s farewell manifesto in all of it’s, well, glory after the jump.  Keep reading »

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