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8 Life Lessons From “I Love Lucy” In Honor Of Lucille Ball’s Birthday

8 Life Lessons From "I Love Lucy" In Honor Of Lucille Ball's Birthday

Growing up there was one show that I bingewatched before “bingewatching” was even a word: “I Love Lucy.” On Tuesday nights, Nick At Nite ran six episodes back-to-back. I used to record them all on VHS tapes (LOLZ) and watch them other nights of the week. As a result, I have a weirdly specific knowledge base about 1950s Hollywood movie stars, a diehard love of polka dots, and a lifelong envy of redheads. (Even fake redheads.)

I didn’t realize it until I grew older, but Lucy — both the TV character, Lucy Ricardo, and the actress, Lucille Ball — was a strong feminist role model for me as a girl. She may have been constrained by her domineering husband and a society with a specific path in mind for nice, white, middle-class ladies, but Lucy had gumption in spades. She believed in herself and never took “no” for an answer. She was creative and just a little bit naughty. And her best friend Ethel Mertz was by her side for every harebrained scheme.

As for Lucille Ball, she came from nothing and worked hard to succeed in Hollywood on her many talents. She and Desi Arnaz (her real life husband, who played Ricky Ricardo) broke ground depicting an interracial marriage on TV.  ”I Love Lucy” was also the first show to depict a pregnant woman on television — even if America was still so censorious about sex that they had to say the word “pregnant” in Spanish. She continued to star in TV shows centered around her talent throughout the rest of her life.

Today is Lucille Ball’s 103rd birthday. She passed away in 1989 at the age off 77, but she lives on — both in dozens of VHS tapes in my parents’ family room and the Internet. In honor of Lucy, who I love, here’s eight life lessons we can all take from “I Love Lucy”:

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“I Love Lucy” Headed Back To TV — In Color!

  • Nope, I haven’t ripped this headline from 1955: CBS really is putting “I Love Lucy” back on the air — for one night only, sadly. But this time, the old time-y episodes will be  in color. The channel will air two back-to-back episodes on  December 20: “Lucy’s Italian Movie” (AKA the grape stomping episode) and “Christmas Episode.” Both shows, which were filmed in black and white, will be “colorized with a vintage look.” Top that, Nick at Nite. [Entertainment Weekly]
  • More details on the Kimye proposal: Kim Kardashian’s blingy engagement ring is 15-carats. Yowza. And Kanye West paid local orchestra musicians $1,000 each to play “Young & Beautiful” during the proposal inside a San Francisco stadium, which was (of course) filmed for TV. ‘Ye reportedly has final say on what footage will air. If I know these two like I think I know these two, I would say all of it. [People, TMZ]
  • Oopsies! Katharine McPhee was photographed kissing her “Smash” director Michael Morris. Morris is married to the actress Mary McCormack, while McPhee has been married to producer Nick Cokas for five years but separated these past six months. [TMZ]
  • Jenna Jameson claimed she was just “exhausted” when she was slurring so much on “Good Day NY” that producers cut the interview short. [US Weekly] Keep reading »

Bath-O-Magic Gets You Nice And Clean With The Touch Of A Button

The Bath-O-Matic may sound like a gadget from the I Love Lucy Show, but even Lucy couldn’t mess up this new remote control precision bath-drawer. Unique Automation has developed a console that will allow you to select the amount of water, the temperature, the scent, and the bubbles to take you to bed, bath, and beyond! You can start the water by sending it a text, touching a screen, or using your mouse. Sure, it’s water and energy efficient, and a great thing to have if you’ve got kids to bathe. But more importantly, no matter where you and your man are getting dirty, this gadget will have a warm bath ready and waiting for you. [Bath-O-Matic] Keep reading »

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