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A Note On Hurricane Sandy

Good morning, Frisky readers! As some of you probably know, the vast majority of The Frisky staff works out of New York City. Because of Hurricane Sandy — which is battering the East Coast as I type this — the subway system has been shut down and we are working from home. In the event that the power goes out, which the local news is insisting is a distinct possibility (despite what Lindsay Lohan might say), you might see our post levels go down. (I don’t know about Jess, Julie, and Ami, but the rest of my laptop battery life will go towards watching “Magic Mike” again, mmkay?) To those of you also in Sandy’s path, stay safe! Feel free to use the comments section on this post as an open thread about the hurricane.

Lindsay Lohan Is Meteorologist Now

Michael Lohan Vs. Lindsay
Lindsay Lohan at the Mr Pink Ginseng Drink launch
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Lindsay Vs. Dina
Dina Lohan with Lindsay Lohan
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Lindsay Arrested
Lindsay Lohan
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The East Coast is bracing for Hurricane Sandy to hit land, but Lindsay Lohan wants you big babies to quit harshing her mellow with your dramatics. It’s just a stupid hurricane! What’s the big deal, I mean really? Lindsay is so whatevs about the superstorm that she’s even refusing to call it by its proper name. Sally is a much more positive and peaceful¬†name, don’t you think? [Twitter]

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